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Old 05-11-2006, 09:17 AM   #121
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Glad you see sense too SunBloc

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The Fly
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I hate predujice, but I especcially hate ignorance. I know some people claim ignorance is bliss (ie: like you're out shopping, a bomb goes off, it would be much better if you never knew beforehand if there was nothing you can do about it). I hate the type of ignorance whereby people make assumptions about someone or something and make judgements on them based on poor or little facts. So yes, I suppose I hate assumptions as well.

I hate people telling me what to do
I hate snobbery
I hate arroagnce (different from egotistical, which is an inflated sence of self.) Arrogance is rudeness combined with ego.
I hate bitchiness
I hate people being nosey
I hate clinginess
I hate unhygienic mess in kitchens and bathrooms
I hate people who dislike animals, when in fact it's humans who have caused the distruction to the planet through selfishness and burning of fossil fules. I hate human vanity whereby some unmentioned cosmetic companies manufacturer products, such as anti-wrinkle creme, that do not work anyway, and test them on innocent defenceless animals. I eat meat, I wear leather, but these animals are not tortured. WHEN WILL HUMANS LEARN THAT WE ARE NOT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AMAZING CREATURES ON THE EARTH AND WE'VE GOT EVERY RIGHT TO EXPLOIT OTHER CREATURES FOR OUR OWN SELFISH, POINTLESS NEEDS. Animal testing is unnecessary. There are many companies who do not test on animals, (Body Shop, Lush, Boots, own Supermarket brands).

And the same goes for drug testing, or vivisection. 2 months ago a new drug was tested on a selection of volunteers for the first time after 9 years of testing on animals. The animals were fine, but it caused horrific side effects to these people. What does that tell you? Not only is this another outdated method that pharmaceutical industries still use, it requires unnecessary torture to thousands of innocent animals every year, and not only that, it's ineffective. Penicillan kills rats. There are plenty of other methods, stem cell, cloning, etc; but oh no, the phamaceutical industry and governments are far to lazy to look into other procedures.

I hate lies that cause suffering to people
I hate people who are two faced
I hate patronzing
I hate people who think that there opinion is more important than anyone elses, or that there opinion is "fact"
Oh yeah, and I hate people who appoint themselves as forum police on this and other forum. Forums were originally built by the Romans in order to allow people to discuss whatever they want freely. I think the same idea should apply to internet forums
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You make a few good points bonsai (Like the name btw!)

As you may have read, i agree with you about people putting themself in a position of a mod when they aren't&even then, it seems like everything you say on these places has to always be angelic&sweet as sugar comments otherwise you're gagged I mean people can't just be honest all the time?!

So much for freedom of speech eh?!

Also, i despise bitchiness&have been subject to that many times in the past by back-stabbing so-called friends but it says more about them
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Old 05-11-2006, 06:26 PM   #125
The Fly
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Exactly Susan.

I get it with my housemates

I mean, if someone has a problem i'd rarther people just say, the thing with my circle of friends is that you always find out when someone who has been bitching about you. And a lot of that has to do with ignorance. Instead of just asking you "oh, hows everything going " . They presume you've done something and just bitch about you. This could be anything from work or personal life. That's why I think it's so much better to live by yourself instead of other people sometimes. It just gets on my nerves, that and messy bathrooms and kitchens
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Old 05-11-2006, 07:07 PM   #126
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yeah guys ...i know just what your saying...
ya know what i do to relieve the day to day hate ?
i put on my big old black boots......a pair of my honeys pants
a ski mask......a sports bra
and a sparkly sweater

THEN..................... I get out my bb gun.....and walk real fast like .... to the grocery store....
i enter...i look some sorta SWAT person....then i take cover behind some canteloupes.....
and i have my way with the watermelons
THEN...when people get a glimpse of my madness......I log roll over to the salad bar....
im on the end where the soups are......and im feeling like i need to be refreshed i bathe in some shrimp and corn bisque
and i bear down on some hard french bread since the soup is so fucking hot. then its over to the deli dept...

i do an army crawl......WHOA the manager!

i haul ass past the meat aisle and i dash into the dairy cooler......i stand by the milk.....the manager bravely comes in.....i tell him...if he makes one false move I WILL WASTE THE MILK!

I take a a half gallon.........cuz its like the gallons kid....i take it as a hostage...

now move real slow mr.......and i wont have to waste this like half pint.............

i am almost free......i drop the milk....I RUN FOR IT......

i run all the way to MCdonalds......and dive into the balls at the indoor park they have there.......some kid with a ripe diaper sits on my head !!!!!!!!!!!!!

arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......after a little nap in the mcdonalds park balls i rise and make my way out.....its about 9:30 pm..its dark...i drag myself too tired to hate

sometimes ya feel like youve been shot at and missed but shit at and hit.
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The Fly
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