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Old 11-21-2005, 07:23 PM   #16
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Yes, but the difference between light on the visible spectrum and that outside is it's wavelength - it is still light. And I specified that if the light being emited exactly matched that here on the surface of the earth in ratio and intensity.

"Artificial Light" is still photons, it is physiically identical to the wave/particles that arrive to the surface of the earth from outer space.

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For anyone to deny the importance of sunlight to anything living is ludicrous. Light is life. A friend who is European was telling me that there the sun rises around 9am in winter and is set by 4 or 4pm. To me, who experiences sunrise at 5am and sunset at around 8pm (granted, in summer), this was (still) insane. You dont need a condition to understand the importance if sunlight to a healthy mind, nor a science or medical degree. Anyone who wants to argue this, go lock a houseplant in a cupboard for a few weeks and see how it thrives! Of course, the folk of Rattenberg aren't plants, but they are living. And all living things need light. Like water.


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Originally posted by nbcrusader

Half is EU money.

And we get plenty of threads that question how much, where and when money is spent and on what.
If half of that is EU money, it is a good investment, trust me.

Also, 2.4 million is ridiculous compared to what my country wants to spend on Eurofighters (about thousand times as much). people here are against it, not against mirrors for sushine or alternative energy forms or, you name it.

Personally I think the concept is a little weird, because it tries to create "artificial" sunlight.. living in Austria, I have nothing against this little town near Innsbruck. Let them have their sun.
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Old 11-22-2005, 12:19 AM   #19
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You know what? This thread inspires me to go out and watch the sun rise today. It´s 07:20... soon come..

Only thing being its fucking cold outside.
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I like it!

What a great campaign slogan -- Franz Wurzenrainer, bringing sunshine to Rattenberg!

Honestly, how many politicians can claim that?

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