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Old 12-11-2006, 05:02 AM   #1
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The conference of hate.......

My dear friends,

The reason I'm posting this as is simple. I would like each and every one of you to read the enclosed news item from the CNN website. This item not only offends me as a Jew, as and Israeli and as a human being...but should also offend you as decent, compassionate people.

I find it so hard to believe that there are people walking around with such hatred filling their bodies and souls. People who deny the extermination of 6 million men, women and children, as well as millions of other nationalities who were butchered, tortured and slaughtered by the Nazis and their helpers.

I look at pictures of this little man in the white business suit, grinning from ear to ear as he shakes hands with the Palestinian prime minister - both smiling as they sit down to plot the destruction of my country in particular and the Middle East in general. Their fondest wish is to destroy any semblence of democracy and freedom in the world and replace it with total chaos, violence and bloodshed which will affect anyone who doesn't correspond to their warped way of thinking.

In my opinion, to deny the holocaust is like denying 9/11. Would you accept anyone saying that 9/11 never happened and that the towers falling down was an optical illusion designed by the U.S.A as an excuse to wage war on the Muslims? I don't think so.....

I therefore ask and implore you, use any search engine you wish and please learn all you can about the Holocaust. Go to any book store and read books like "Mila 18" by Leon Uris, "Night" by Eli Weisel and, of course, "Schindler's List". For those of you who have never been to Israel, I invite you to come here and visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum in which you can hear first-hand witness accounts by survivors telling their incredible stories of cruelty and survival under the most horrendous conditions.

Finally, one more thing, the state of Israel was created, among others, by the renmants of this atrocity who managed to cling on to life in order to build a better one in their own home. A home in which they would be safe and protected. The very existance of Israel ensures that this atrocity will never happen again.

So, to the attendants of this so-called conference I say: you may talk all you want and deny all you want, but the world knows the truth and the world will see you for what you all are...liars and hate-mongers who, instead of reaching out in friendship, are fanning the flames of hate and ignorance which will ultimately consume you.

By the way, the "jewish Rabbis and scholors" referred to in the item are from an ultra-zealot sect called "Neturai Karta". This sect is anti-Israeli and they believe that the secular state of Israel has no right to exist until the Messiah comes. They hang out black flags of mourning on Israel's independence day, they regularly support attacks against us and they are welcomed in Arab nations with open arms. They do not represent Judaism or the state of Israel.

My dear friends - I thank you so much for reading this and I thank you for being on my list of friends.


My love to all of you,



So here is the item from the CNN website:

TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) -- Iran on Monday opened a two-day conference exploring the validity of the Nazi Holocaust, a move that has sparked outrage among Jewish groups.

One such group, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, planned to counter the event with a teleconference showcasing stories from Holocaust survivors.

Manouchehr Mohammadi, Iran's deputy foreign minister for research, told Iran's state-run news agency, IRNA, that Tehran's leaders would accept that the Holocaust occurred if scholars attending the conference could prove that the Nazi regime exterminated 6 million Jews during World War II.

But Mohammadi said Iran does not deny the murders and damages caused by Hitler's genocide, nor that 50 million people were the victims of his racism, according to IRNA.

He said the conference is to be held in response to international outrage at Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's repeated assertion that the Holocaust is a myth. (Full story)

"If the Holocaust is a historical event, then is it not warranted to be looked into and researched?" Mohammadi asked rhetorically.

Because of the negative reactions to the nature of the conference, Iran has not announced the names of the participants, but said it would include Jewish scholars and rabbis, IRNA reported.

No one from Israel will attend the conference, which began at 9:30 a.m. (1 a.m. ET), Mohammadi said.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center announced on its Web site that it would convene a videoconference of 70 Holocaust survivors whose personal accounts are intended to counter the Tehran conference.

The center said the conference will be attended by "close to 70 Holocaust revisionists and deniers."

The videoconference will be held at the center's Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles beginning at 9 a.m. (noon ET), and will be linked to the center's New York and Toronto offices.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Wiesenthal Center, rejected the Tehran conference as one of several attempts by Iran to deny the validity of the Holocaust.

"This is an outrage, an insult to humanity, that a country could stoop so low as to deny the greatest crime in the history of civilization," Hier said.

"That is why we gathered together Holocaust survivors who will counter these bigots and revisionist claims by giving first-hand accounts of what they actually experienced and witnessed and how their lives were shattered."

Mohammadi said if Iran accepts the validity of the Holocaust, the next question examined will be, "Why should the Palestinians pay for the Holocaust?"

Mohammadi said Tehran also plans to host conferences to look into what he described as genocide by Europeans against Native Americans, Africans and the Palestinians

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Hopefully a little education can free their minds...

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It's more like a court hearing in the Third Reich or any other dictatorship: The outcome is set beforehand.

It's sad what happens, and it's more like a joke what they are doing there. A very bad joke, nobody can laugh at.

Nobody with a sound mind will ever question whether the holocaust happened, and there is no need for a conference since each and every research shows that the Holocaust took place.

I'm really sick and tired of these idiots that are such ignorant and blame others for their own stupidity and insufficiency.
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Oh, my goodness. I can't believe that there are people doing stuff like this. This is really odious stuff. I pass by the local Jewish Community Center fairly frequently, it's on a major road in Birmingham. I say God bless those people, and to hell with the people responsible for all of their suffering. I believe that there is a hell for people like this.
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If there wasn't a holocaust it would still be neccessary for these groups to generate one.
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May the truth come out and reach their hearts. It's unbelievable that this evil event is still being denied by people.

We just had a holocaust survivor speak in one of our schools here last week.
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Wow just reeling the bastards in
Among the participants was U.S. academic David Duke, a former Louisiana Republican Representative. He praised Iran for hosting the event.

“There must be freedom of speech, it is scandalous that the Holocaust cannot be discussed freely,” Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader told Reuters. “It makes people turn a blind eye to Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people.”
Another brilliant example of Blairs law.
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David Duke an academic?
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Originally posted by BonoVoxSupastar
David Duke an academic?
I was just gonna say. LOL!

This conference is ridiculous but unfortunately you are probably preaching to the choir here and the people that really should free their minds are ones who most likely won't.
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Just today we had some kind of a counter-movement here in Berlin, our own Holocaust conference with several experts talking about the transnational remembrance of the Holocaust.

That's the truly better one.
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Gee, if there had been 6 million Iranians/Persians in Europe, instead of Jews, i wonder what Hitler would've done to them.

Iran's president is doing the populist thing in the middle east. Spread ignorance and hate toward Israel (and the US) to scapegoat one's domestic problems. Sadly, in the middle east, a leaders' success is measured by how he "defies" Israel, America and the west.

Using hatred, scapegoating and historical revisionism for propaganda and oppression is cheap and easy. It's what the Nazis did.
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Old 12-12-2006, 03:18 PM   #12
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Oh David Duke your an idiotic AssHole!,2933,236014,00.html

KKK's David Duke Tells Iran Holocaust Conference That Gas Chambers Not Used to Kill Jews
Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dec. 12: David Duke, former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, and former state representative in Louisiana, attends a conference on the Holocaust in Tehran.
TEHRAN, Iran — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's conference questioning the Holocaust came to an end Tuesday, but not before hearing former KKK Imperial Wizard David Duke say that gas chambers were not used to kill Jews.

"The Zionists have used the Holocaust as a weapon to deny the rights of the Palestinians and cover up the crimes of Israel," Duke told a gathering of nearly 70 "researchers" in Tehran at Ahmadinejad's invitation.

"This conference has an incredible impact on Holocaust studies all over the world," said Duke, a former state representative in Louisiana who twice ran for president.

"The Holocaust is the device used as the pillar of Zionist imperialism, Zionist aggression, Zionist terror and Zionist murder," Duke told The Associated Press.

Also at the end of the conference, Mohammad Ali Ramini, an Ahmadinejad adviser who has called the Holocaust a "myth," announced that he will chair a committee to find "the truth on the genocide of Jews."

Other members of the committee will be Robert Fuerisson, a French professor who denies the existence of gas chambers, along with Holocaust deniers from Syria, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, the United States and Bahrain.

(Story continues below)

Advertise Here
Vatican: Memory of Holocaust 'Must Remain' as Warning Germany Condemns Iranian Plan to Host Holocaust Conference Iran Offers to Help U.S. Withdraw From Iraq Tuesday's speeches included Ali Akbar Mohtashamipour, a former interior minister and one of the founders of Lebanese militia Hezbollah, who labeled the Holocaust as a "tale."

"All the studies and research carried out so far have proven that there is no reason to believe that the Holocaust ever occurred and that it is only a tale," he stated.

Austrian historian Wolfgang Froehlich, who served a two-year jail sentence in his home country for denying the Holocaust, did not read out his speech — which was handed out to participants — for fear of being jailed again. Denying the Holocaust is a crime in a dozen European countries, including Austria, where British historian David Irving was jailed in February for three years for denying the Holocaust.

Nabil Soleiman, an adviser to the ministry of religious affairs in Syria, said, "If the Holocaust ever occurred, it was a conspiracy against the Arab-Islamic world as today the Middle East is still paying the consequences."

Ahmadinejad opened Tuesday's session by thanking God that the Zionist regime was declining, telling conference participants, “its lifetime will be over and their interests as well as reputation will be endangered,” the Islamic Republican News Agency reported.

International condemnation continued to pour in against the government-sponsored conference in Tehran, which has drawn Holocaust deniers from around the world.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair said it was "shocking beyond belief" and called the conference "a symbol of sectarianism and hatred."

He said he saw little hope of engaging Iran in constructive action in the Middle East, saying, "I look around the region at the moment, and everything Iran is doing is negative."

The United States, which also condemned the gathering, has been considering whether to open a dialogue with Iran to get its help in calming neighboring Iraq. President George W. Bush has so far refused to approach Iran, accusing it of backing terrorism.

The White House condemned the gathering of Holocaust deniers in Tehran as "an affront to the entire civilized world as well as to the traditional Iranian values of tolerance and respect."

A statement from press secretary Tony Snow noted the meeting coincided with International Human Rights Week, which renews the pledges of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights drafted in the wake of World War II atrocities.

"The Iranian regime perversely seeks to call the historical fact of those atrocities into question and provide a platform for hatred," Snow said.

Earlier this year, Ahmadinejad described the Holocaust as a "myth" that has been used to impose the state of Israel on the Arab world and called for Israel to be wiped off the map.

"Ahmadinejad's Holocaust comment opened a new window in international relations on this issue. Twenty years ago, it was not possible to talk about [the] Holocaust and any scientific study was subject to punishment. This taboo has been broken, thanks to Mr. Ahmadinejad's initiative," Georges Theil of France told conference delegates on Tuesday.

Theil was convicted earlier this year in France for "contesting the truth of crimes against humanity" after he said the Nazis never used poison gas against Jews.

Michele Renouf, an Australian socialite supporter of "Holocaust skeptics," called Ahmadinejad "a hero" for opening a debate about the Holocaust. Renouf, a blonde former beauty queen, addressed the audience wearing a green robe and Islamic headscarf, abiding by Iranian law requiring women to cover their hair.

Frederick Toben, an Australian who in 1999 served jail time in Germany for his Holocaust views, told the conference in no uncertain terms that the number of Jews killed in Nazi death camps — an estimated 6 million — is a myth.

''The number of victims at the Auschwitz concentration camp could be about 2,007,'' Toben said. ''The railroad to the camp did not have enough capacity to transfer large numbers of Jews."

Among the 67 participants from 30 countries, who included some of Europe's most prominent Holocaust deniers, were two rabbis and four other members of the fringe group Jews United Against Zionism.

They were dressed in the traditional long black coats and black hats of ultra-Orthodox Jews. The group says the creation of the state of Israel violates Jewish law and argues that the Holocaust should not be used to justify its founding.

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*Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this post before replying*

While I think the idea of Holocaust denial is absolutely, uncategorically false and unsupported by even the most distorted facts, Iran has a right to hold the conference if they so choose. I'm not advocating the conferees' position - let me be VERY clear on that - but I am defending their right to free speech.

That goes to laws that throw you in jail if you deny the Holocaust. While it's morally despicable to do, the revisionists still ought to have the right to say what they want to.

The way I see it is that if someone started saying that Native Americans killed each other off or simply moved out of the way for Europeans in the eighteenth century, we wouldn't throw him or her in prison for hate speech - we'd see how absolutely absurd their ideas are and let it die there. The Holocaust is the only aspect of history that it is an offense to dispute.

I'm rambling now (been awake for a full day on coffee and Red Bull), but I guess I'm saying that although it's ridiculous to assert that the Holocaust didn't happen, it shouldn't be a crime to say so.

Right now I'm in the school library writing a paper. I am comparing two articles on the South African "mfecane" (a period in the early 1800s where the native African tribes in Southeast Africa underwent major upheavals), and whether it actually happened or not. One side (those who say it did) claim that the tribes' problems were a result of internal changes that caused mass migration and famine, while the other side (those who claim it didn't happen) say that the mfecane was invented by white South African historians to cover up Europeans' influence (via settlement and the slave trade) on such a time of suffering for South Africans, and that the major impetus for change was the coming of whites. I haven't formed a thesis yet one way or the other, but I find it interesting that this time the creation of the mfecane theory is attributed to racism, rather than the denial of a historical "theory" (I say "theory" merely in the form of the expression of historical thought, not that the Holocaust is theoretical) attributed to racism. But the mfecane theory persisted for decades until the late 80s when a guy named Cobbing came up with a (very good) argument against it happening. I guess there are (at least) two sides to every story, and no matter how fallacious or historically absurd one of those sides may be, both sides still ought to be free to put forth their case.

Challenging and testing accepted "traditional" thought patterns in history is how the study of history moves forward.

I, for one, would like to read a well-written argument written by a denier, then one written as a rebuttal by a mainstream historian. I think it would be an interesting read from a historiography perspective and might be enlightening into the thought processes of a Holocaust denier. It's too bad that can't happen.

Plus, a refutation of a Holocaust denial article would be just about the easiest term paper to write EVER. Much easier than South African migrations.

Although this shouldn't be required, there's still the chance that someone will think I'm defending Holocaust deniers or asserting that their opinions should be given greater public exposure. I want to say that categorically, I am NOT. I'm speaking from the perspective of a History major here in that I would like to be able to read a reasonably-written (for lack of a better word) argument from one who believes the Holocaust didn't happen, for the sake of historical record. One that isn't full of rhetoric but merely states "this is what I (the author) believe, and here's my evidence". This disclaimer is to dissuade anyone who may think I'm sympathetic to Holocaust denial from posting - I am not, and fully believe the Holocaust did happen, and did kill six million people, and was (one of) the most evil acts ever perpetrated by humanity. I don't believe in a strict good/evil morality, but the events set in motion by Adolf Hitler are the closest thing I can think of to "evil".

This gives me another idea for a new thread...
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Shame they can't all go to the Holocaust museum in washington DC - I went there a few years back, having very little knowledge of the Holocaust, other than the bits and pieces I'd picked up along the way from movies and tv (and we know how historically correct they can be, right?).
Anyway, that day opened my eyes, taught me a hell of a lot about the state of the world at that point in history.
It saddens me to think there are people out there so narrow minded and so hell bent on hatred.
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There are so many places throughout Europe, in Israel and the United States where you can educate yourself about what happened.

But those "people" would just say it's all a lie and don't change their mind.

I mean, you can visit nearly every concentration camp and see how it looked like, and also see the gas chambers.

Still they would say it's all made up to make people believe in it.

You can't change their sick mind in a rational way.

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