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Achtung Buba,

I never said that it requires 75% of congress to do ANYTHING. I was refering to the amendment of the Constitution and was under the mistaken impression that it required 75% rather than the normal 2/3s which I am well aware of for other laws. Thats why I stated that with 75% of the congress you had the full range of powers to pass laws(only requiring 2/3s of course) and then the big one, amending the Constitution. I was wrong because it is of course only 2/3s majority in House and Senate, but also the 75% approval at the State level. I new amending the Constitution was a special case and some how in the back of my mind 75% approval from the States, turned into 75% approval from congress, after all ammending the Constitution is a special case. My mistake though.

One more thing, I would like to say being in the military is much more than just following orders. People in the military are not unthinking robots! My father achieved the rank of full Colonel in the Army not just because he simply followed orders, but because he was HONEST and cared for his soldiers and their performance. He was also NOT afraid to go in front of his superior officer to that officers superior officer to point out something that was incorrect, inconsistent, dishonest, unfactual or simply wrong that his superior officer had done or reported. Of course the person two commands up would investigate himself, up on my Father bringing it up, but he would always be vindicated in his actions once it was proved my father was correct. Yes, the military does want its people to follow orders, but more importantly they want people who can THINK, are ETHICAL and are HONEST! They want people who are Leaders and have all the qualities defined in great leadership of which there are many! Those are the people that get promoted! Not unthinking robots following orders. There is a higher degree of honesty and integrity in the Military than in any other group or institution in society! So no, the Military would not support a tyranical government, and if I were to ask my father, I'm sure he would agree with me, and would probably have a lot more to add!


Any Gun Control measure similar to that of the UK implemented in the USA would of course take time and there are a variety of ways it could be done too despite the prevalence of guns in our society and those that have them illegally. The idea that criminals would always be able to get guns(in numbers that would unduly threaten society) just is not so as proved by Ireland and the UK. Guns in circulation now will not last forever. I seriously doubt criminals illegal weapons are from 1906. It would take a long time to fully implement a system similar to the UK, but if properly managed it can be done. Despite what others think here, I actually think that is the future. Not near future of course. Eventually it will happen here in the USA I think. But still a long long way off though. As MELON said, you are still allowed in the UK to own hunting rifles, so it is not a complete ban on everything.

The gun control policies of the UK and Ireland have had outstanding results, with less than 2,000 deaths since 1980. Our system of gun control is a total failure. 667,000 dead since 1980 from guns(accidents and murder). Thats more people than the USA lost in World War I, World War II, The Korean War, and the Vietnam War combined. I understand some here feel this is an acceptable number for a 20 year period, but I certainly do not. I believe we can do better than this and reduce this terrible number, UK plan or not! But its undeniable that the gun control policies of the UK work!

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Achtung Buba,

I forgot to add that I thought it was a great debate and that one of my best friends has views nearly identical to yours.

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Originally posted by Holy John
Is American Freedom have everything to do with economics and dollards instead of human rights ????
I think that it does. Its kind of like the more money u have the more freedom u have.

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