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taming the nuts--??

I may be getting myself in a real can of worms here, but here goes.......much instability has been caused by the pseudo-Wahhabist terrorist squads that seem to be loose in Iraq these days. That's who bombed the Shia mosque. What should be done, if anything, about these people? Arrest them? What's the best way to knock these outfits out of commission? Is there any chance of subduing them or are they something that will always have to be dealt with?
I hope this makes sense. I'm frazzled due to anti-virus software issues and maybe I'm nuts. This mosque bombing, in my view points to a really serious internal security problem for Iraq.

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The only solution is to continue to train more Iraqi Police Officers and continue to train a new Iraqi military. 55,000 Iraqi Police officers are on the streets now, 200,000 will be by January 1995. By next summer there are plans to have a standing Iraqi military of 75,000. In addition, democratic governence must be developed. A more democratic Iraq will make for a better educated Iraq. Political development, Economic Development, and education all will take time, but are the best way to curb these extremist.

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I think part of the question has to be where a lot of them are coming from (ie. outside of Iraq) and who supports them and why.
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The Saudis recently reported that 3,000 of their citizens are "missing". It's believed these people are in Iraq, having joined with the groups of Islamic militants. These people were taught the Wahhabist school of Islam in Saudi Arabia and they've gone off on a political tangeant with it. Another possible source of terrorists is Pakistan, according to some reports. This is what makes me frustrated with the whole situation. Iraq has always been either a mess or under a dictatorship for centuries. What is it, that now, that's going to make them able to adopt to a different social/political system, i.e, some sort of democracy? They are used to "strong" governments to order the pseudo-Wahhabists to behave themselves. Will these people knock off their senseless ways in the absence of a strong authority to tell them to do otherwise? Please note that I'm not advocating dictatorship. I'm just wondering if there's any way out of the current security nightmare that's screwing the Iraqi people big time. Time will tell, I guess.
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