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Somehow, many people seem to have been brainwashed into thinking that intelligent thought is suspicious or sneaky.

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The caricature of conservatives as being bible thumping ignorami is really quite interesting, while there are certainly those types out there it is not really the majority of conservatives and certainly not the majority of the right.

The representative sample of talk-radio is just that; the talk radio hosts and their audience. Not really a full picture of the modern right or it's intellectual traditions.

Anti-intellectualism seems to be a passtime of many in both the left and the right. There are plenty of foolish individuals who view science with contempt when empirical testing of their fad alternative medical treatments finds that they are useless, the anti-nuclear lobby, the environmentalism movement can often engage in almost superstitious levels of illogic. Debate is hijacked and science is made out to be bad in these cases.

Do I expect or desire the media to pour glowing praise upon the Bush administration at all? no. But likewise I do not want to have comments like "Bush regime" snuck into news bulletins, or to have a lead story about four Palestinians killed by the IDF only to find out halfway through the article that they had been firing mortars at settlers. To at least see some coverage of the UN hosted meetings in the world like their notorious anti-racism conferences and to see the agenda and conclusions of those meetings which inevitably attribute all racism to the USA and Israel and do not contain any criticsm of the Mugabe's or Mubbaraks.

There are believe it or not a great many regular men and women who have no particular religious beliefs, are in favour of gay rights, are pro-choice who are centre right in their views. By painting the right in such an utterly hostile manner it only drives these type of people away and brings in the nuts.

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at the end of the day, most talk radio -- from Air America to Limbaugh and Hannity -- is entertainment.

they're playing characters, and to an audience.

my love NPR, however, is quite the opposite.

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