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[QUOTE]Originally posted by toscano

Well, there's this side: Full article link below

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - Europe's Muslims have remained largely silent in the face of terrorist attacks that have killed 254 people in Madrid, London and Amsterdam. Europeans want to know why.

Why have so few of them publicly condemned the train and bus bombings in Madrid and London? Why have so few spoken out against the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, killed because his work was considered an insult to Islam?"

Well, many would argue that there's been plenty of condemnation by Muslim leaders from thoughout the world...but is anyone listening?

Part of the "problem" may be that Islam really doesn't have that one religious head, like the Pope, that people can run to and get him to speak/condemn on behalf of 1.1 billion people. So you do get varying voices, from hundreds of Imams to nutty fundamentalist religious leaders, to Muslim-country political leaders, etc. How genuine are their words? Who knows. Try to sift through all these groups' and individuals' political motivations, as the western media or commentators have to do, and you'll get a pretty fragmented view.

But I don't think anyone can blanketly say that the Muslim world does not denounce terrorism, or violent Muslim fundamentalist ideology.,2933,150098,00.html

"The attack, which wounded more than 1,500 people, shocked Spain into rethinking the way it deals with Islamic extremism and prompted Muslims in Spain to issue a fatwa, or Islamic edict, declaring usama bin Laden an apostate unworthy of his faith."

Muslims Worldwide Condemn Madrid Attacks (Spain, International)
• On March 13, 2004 reported, "World Muslims condemned the Madrid blasts, sending it clear that killing civilians is forbidden in their religion regardless of where or who carry out the attacks. After the blasts, which left 200 people dead and 1,400 others injured, a crowded group of Muslims gathered outside the Islamic Cultural Center in the Spanish capital to raise their voice strongly against terrorism. 'These blasts were not only against the Islamic religion but also the entire humanity,' Director of the Islamic Cultural Centre in Madrid Saleh bin Mohammed Al Sinaidi told reporters Friday, March 12. 'We deeply regret that such incidents rocked our city where Muslims live as well,' Al Sinaidi said, through an interpreter."

MPAC Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Madrid (Spain, United States)

• On March 11, 2004 the Muslim Public Affairs Council issued a press release condemning the bombings in Madrid. The relesase read, "The carnage in Spain represents one of the most heinous crimes committed against the people of Spain and the civilized world as a whole. As we express the strongest condemnations of such an act, and of the criminals who committed it, we pray to God to comfort the families and to guide the authorities in Spain to bring the criminals to justice. We call on all decent human beings not to lose heart and to stay determined to work together across barriers of race, faith and nationality, to rid the world of the scourge of terrorism. We offer condolences to the families of the victims, and to the people and government of Spain."
(March 11, 2004, Muslim Public Affairs Council)

Spanish Islamic Body Issues Fatwa Against bin Laden (Spain)
Cross-references: Islam in European Society

• On March 11, 2005 Reuters reported, "Spain's leading Islamic body has issued a religious order declaring Osama bin Laden to have forsaken Islam by backing attacks such as the Madrid train bombings a year ago. The Islamic Commission of Spain timed its 'fatwa' for Friday to coincide with the first anniversary of the attacks, which killed 191 people and were claimed in the name of al Qaeda in Europe. The commission's secretary-general, Mansur Escudero, said the fatwa had moral, rather than legal weight, and hoped it would spur similar pronouncements from Muslim groups worldwide. 'We declare ... that Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda organisation, responsible for the horrendous crimes against innocent people who were despicably murdered in the March 11 terrorist attack in Madrid, are outside the parameters of Islam,' the commission said."
(March 11, 2005, Reuters)

Muslim Leaders Condemning Terror to Deaf?

Why don't we hear Muslim leaders condemning terrorism? In the wake of the London bombings, I called Parvez Ahmed, a Jacksonville resident who three months ago became chairman of perhaps the best-known Muslim organization in America, and asked him that.

In the past week, Muslim groups have been condemning the attacks via e-mail blasts to the media, through news conferences, during a personal meeting with the British ambassador, in prayer services all over the country and, coming soon to television stations, with a public service announcement. This hardly is new. After Sept. 11, Muslim leaders issued statements, prayed for the victims, encouraged relief efforts and, in some cities, took out a full-page newspaper ad signed by 40 groups that said: "We condemn in the strongest terms possible the use of terror to further any political or religious cause." Nearly 700,000 Muslims have signed a "Not in the Name of Islam" petition on CAIR's Web site that begins: "We, the undersigned Muslims, wish to state clearly that those who commit acts of terror, murder and cruelty in the name of Islam are not only destroying innocent lives, but are also betraying the values of the faith they claim to represent."

Yet when Ahmed speaks in public, the most common question is: Why don't Muslims denounce terrorism?

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thanks Judah.

it seems we would all do well to listen a bit more, and condemn a little bit less.

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