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I think you could smack the parents in the head for all the difference it would make. Children are obese (when not related to medical conditions) due to eating what their parents eat, and what their parents give them. Fat kids have fat parents who are immune to objectively looking at the abuse and mistreatment of their own children. What we eat is habit. I strongly believe if the US, England and Australia (and any other fat countries) want to get serious about getting their children healthier, then the battle starts with the parents. If you eat well as a child, chances are you will eat well as an adult and you will follow suit to your parents.

How this is not seen as abuse of children is beyond me. It is the right of every child to have a healthy and happy upbringing.

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I don't know why they didn't think of that in the beginning

By Associated Press
Thursday, January 18, 2007 - Updated: 08:03 AM EST

BARNSTABLE - The Barnstable public school system has changed how it informs parents when school tests indicate a student is overweight or underweight after charges that children were being stigmatized.
Superintendent Patricia Grenier said Wednesday that instead of sending the test results home with children, parents of students in grades K-8 will receive letters in the mail informing them whether their children’s weight is above or below average for their height.
The change came after Grenier heard parents’ concerns at a school committee meeting Tuesday.
"Obesity is a national problem," Grenier said. "So we’re trying to cooperate with the parents."
The flap erupted last week when 140 Hyannis Elementary School students went home with letters telling parents that the screening tests showed their kids were either overweight or underweight. Grenier said the school did not mail the letters in order to save postage costs.
Some parents complained the school was singling out children on a sensitive issue and overstepping its educational role.
Federal and state laws require schools to run "wellness" programs that include vision and hearing tests, in addition to the weight screenings.
Grenier said future weight bulletins will be included with mailings that already go out with hearing and vision test results. She said parent-teacher conferences also may be scheduled to discuss children’s health problems.

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What are these kids eating in the school cafeteria is what I'd like to know. Maybe the report card wasn't the best way to handle it but in general I don't think it's a bad thing to alert parents of a potential future health condition, whether it's something like scoliosis like BVS said or weight issues. But they better take responsibility for what they're feeding the kids at school, too. Not that weight problems are always caused by what you eat but it's an obvious place to start. Maybe these parents are so sensitive because they feel that what that report card is really saying is "you're not doing your job at home." And again, are they doing their jobs at school, too, or just offering processed foods loaded with high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils?
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Originally posted by Vincent Vega

I think as long as the school cantines provide their students with coke and fast food or put vending machines all over the place the shouldn't wonder why more and more children become overweight.

You are correct, sir! (Or madam) If they're that worried, taking a look at the unhealthy food served as free lunches is certainly a bigger red flag than a BMI number. That, and the scaling back of phys ed and music programs. I can tell you from experience, marching band was /work/.

eta: Since they want to help, try giving healthy food and teaching about nutrition so that kids know what it's about, then doing their level best to offer that same nutritional education to parents in a non-offensive way, understanding that most parents do not have the time to spend an hour in the kitchen home cooking food anymore.

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