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Originally posted by nbcrusader

I understand the process by which people maintain stereotypes and prejudices. I think the question is how do we get beyond them?
Some stereotypes are used to harm a certain race or religion...

But what if some are used to call out bad ideologies?

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Being from Mississippi is not an ideology. Homophobia might be, but how would a prevalence of homophobes in Mississippi illustrate that it's a bad ideology? Timberlake could simply have omitted the phrase "in Mississippi," and the accent mimicry, and still have made the same point about homophobia and audience expectations. (Or were you alluding to something else?)

Also, negative stereotypes about religious groups very often involve imputations about "bad ideology," so I'm not sure you can make the distinction that easily. And stereotypes about people who subscribe to purportedly "bad ideologies" (for example, stereotypes about what Marxists are like) generally make a pretty poor foundation for arguments about what's wrong with said ideologies anyhow, though the behavior patterns these stereotypes allege (to whatever extent verifiable) may have some use as supporting evidence.

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I think the Mississippi part is what is really being debated here -- the fact that Timberlake used that state in particular as an example. Frankly, it would make sense for him to use Miss. instead of another state because that area is where Hicks is from [well, Alabama but in reading this thread I thought Mississippi at first].

That being said, I think his larger point is a valid one and much more a commentary on the entertainment industry than on homophobia in the South. Artists like Hicks and NSync etc. are sold as heterosexual artists to get girls to follow them around under the assumption that each one of those girls has a chance with them. That's more of a selling point than the music in most cases. You throw in being gay and all that is thrown off. I think JT's problem was that he singled out one state, which made it sound worse. Frankly, I'm originally from Detroit. It's a liberal state and even they voted for a gay marriage ban. I think many parents -- regardless of where they live -- would act a little bigoted if they found out their daughter lusted after an artist that turned out to be gay. Look no further than all the adults who have voted against gay marriage is state after state after state, regardless of blue or red.

But I don't think JT's statements are the same as Gibson's. You can actually back up homophobia in this country with polls, statistics, etc. Jews starting all the wars in the world? Look no further than The Crusades to debunk that one.
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The issue is not that many people in America are bigoted against homosexuals. That's not a stereotype, that's a fact that could be verified by statistics, surveys etc. It's JT's superior attitude towards those from the south that I have an issue with. It's the sweeping statement about "all people" from Mississippi that's the problem.

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