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1 yes
2 It's allways a matter of perspective. Iran could say they need the WMDs for defense. Iraq and Afghanistan as neighbours....
3 yes
4 yes
5 yes
6 yes

Global Peace through deescalation is a surefire way to be murdered by people who don't want to play that little game
Well Deescalation worked verry well several times (example: the reunited Germany).
Of course it dosn't allways work but escalation dosn't allways work either (see palestine)
Meanwhile Israeli AND palestinensian kids are educated in schools and by their parents that the others have no right to live in their country and that they stole their land.
How do you think that peace might work out one day if a whole generation is convinced that "the other side" stole what belongs to you and is pure evil? With radical decisions (Arafat/Sharon) you can ensure that the other side gets verifications of their prejudices

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Are Israeli Kids taught that Palestinians engage in blood rights and sacrifice arab babies at satanic rituals? That is all in the UN approved palestinian propa-oh sorry curiculum, It is a clear part of Oslo that both sides must encourage tollerance and respect within the education system, this is a half fufilled promise because the Israelis are very careful with what they teach and they have fully correct and accurate textbooks and have programs that encourage cooperation with Arabs the Palestinian kids on the other hand get the usual Hamas sponsered propaganda that makes out homocide bombers as Martyrs and encourages children to look at Jews as animals, they have the whole protocol of the elders of zion bs as well. All the Tsarist and Nazi propaganda was basically shipped down there and given to the PA as educational material. The simple fact is that most Israelis desire a two state solution as does their elected government, most Palestinians want peace but out of sheer despiration cooperate with the murderers who desire to push the Jews into the ocean and Arafat wants to sit happy with his billions of dollars and screw the Palestinians over entirely. Two state solution will happen when Arafat dies and you get decent leadership on the arab side, until then don't change this debate on Iranian nuclear weapons to the Israel/Palestine issue.

Number 2 the problem is that Iran doesnt want the weapons for defence and it makes it very clear that they have intentions of annihilating the state of Israel. I say again we cannot allow any country with such ambitions to get these weapons, once you start justifying Iran getting weapons then why not Syria, if Syria has nukes then what about Saudi Arabia, that is how it works as soon as one Islamic country gets the weapon the rest follow suit and you will find a nuclear war will occur, unlike Islamic states the USA and USSR had a little common sense at the helm and within the beurocracy that has prevented all out war and will continue to do so, I doubt that we could say the same for Iran or Syria. We need to solve the Indian/Pakistani problem now, it is a graver threat to humanity than Israeli/Arab conflict because there you have an Islamic country with nuclear weapons that could fall into the hands of Islamist elements. We need to get them to mutually disarm and stop going to war with eachother because if we can do that it makes it a lot easier to pressure Iran, then when Iran is out of the picture we have a much safer world where we can do more in eliminating the large strategic arsenels in US and Russia.

A second thought may be about the development of low-yield nuclear weapons by the US, is this a good thing? In this war on terror is is useful to design extremely powerful nuclear weapons even though it goes against over 40 years of policy. I will play devils advocate on this one off the bat by saying that yes smaller devices are a good idea because they have the ability to wipe out entire cave complexes and fill the gap that we have between the big daisy cutters and our smallest nuclear weapons. An instance could be if we used low yield weapons against Tora Bora and buried Osama beneath tonnes of rock (although we have probably allready done that).

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