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"snapshot"> Strawberry Fields/Cnetral Park/nyc

The sky was nearing middle-twilight blue as I crossed the street over to the park-side of Central Park West. The local 104.3 Q classic rock station had been broadcasting from there during the day. Now they reported the police had set up a bit more line/crowd control to keep the actual "imagine" Mosaic from being walked on, and help move those who weren't staying more than a breif look.

I walked down & southeastward along the western hillside of the general SF plantings area, when i saw a open area in the bushes were many people over how many times had flattend the ground, and made a bit of a short cut- instead of going all the way to the end 'arrowpoint' SE tip to turn back northwards and towards the actual mosaic.

It was quite crowded within a few steps back upwards on the mild slope. People heading towards me and away were just about all etched in brillianrt white light of several camera/film lights higher up in the area. Most brilliantly lit of all was a mostly white peace dove flag that took a bit of time to dechipher the lettering from the back/reversed....."Verterans for Peace". John would have liked that AND the VERY BIG current American-Iraq War dead tally-"counter" at the opening to the SF area from just inside the park.

By now the sky was getting that beautiful deep royal blue. People{and quite well togther} had been singing Beatles/Lennon songs, guided on by a bass & drums. "Eight Days A Week", Merry Christmas {war is Over} etc. As each was finished.....applause and then the calling out of several new suggestions. I heard someone behind me interviewing someone else...."is this your first tikme visiting SF..."

con't in a min

As I slowly creeped my way forward, i heard some ome behind where we were barricade.."keep moving.....don't block the people taking photographs......." I've rarely visited SF purposefully-definately the first year it was put up. Through the years I've ended up at the bottom "arrowpoint" sometimes after visiting the park from the Eastside {Fifth Ave}, and crossed it over to the Westside and gone up the hill as pasted/stopped to quickily pay respects and remember. The last time I HAD deliberately visited it was after the news of George Harrison's death,, and i think that was 2 months or so after 9-11. One Hurt after another that END end of year.

Suddenly, between so many people, and not truely being familiar with the space esp WITH so many people in it- I caught a different type of light. More mellow and goldenish yellow, I realized i WAS right at as I glanced between people's shoulds one tangented edge of the actaul mosaic.

It was respledndid in glowing candles-- twelve inch one encased in glass jars, smaller five inch one and tiny litle one inch rounds set in a bit of metal, perhaps. There were a whole bunch in a pattern, but i couldn't quite make it out. Mostly white wax, some red.

Roses, rose petals were scattered about, some photos of Jon,a few small hand-lettered signs.....lyrics? commebnts? ..too far and small for me to read...but nice for being there, just the same. A painting of John, with someone eles and a american flag backdrop. All very quietly moving.if i hadn't been being asked by the person derecting traffic."can't stand here...must be open for photographers." He was pointijng back down the way i'd just crawled up. SO I firmly said..... as soon as this photographer-who was on their knees getting some ground-level photos of all the commemoration objects- I'd go. I begged the photographer tyo hurry. They finally moved enough that I could shimmey by WITHOUT disturbing the objects.

Poeple were still arriving in this low 30's, high 20's {F} degreed day/early eve. There was a roped off section for the media before the opened area that houses the mosaic. As I turned to walk up by Central Park to the Museum of Natural History, local TV trucks were parked. The Q had said becaue it was the 25th anniversay- more media than ususual, and from all around the world had stopped by.

I originally had decided several days ago, not to. BUt I AM glad I changed my mind.

Blessed Be, Johnny- musician, lyricist, poet, evolving person, father, husband and peace activist, AND much loved New Yorker .
Thanks for all the gifts you've given that still "shine on" today, and for the future still.

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thank you so much for sharing this thread

Imagine all the people

imagine lennon on katrina
john lennon on bush and iraq
you think nixon was scared of him

nixon had to deal with a Badass Beatle
so i wish Bono would give Bush such a Headache

but love is all you need
and you got to be free
because we're too blind to see
the taxman in the yellow submarine
help I need somebody . . .

happy xmas
war is over
Stand up to rock stars!
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Power to the people....John we miss you
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Yes I can imagine what John Lennon would have to say about GWB

Very sad loss for the world, at least his music will always live on

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