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You know I was at Barnes and Noble the other day and I should have picked it up but I forgot

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Originally posted by maycocksean

And why does it matter to you whether somebody else's grandpa speaks English or not? It's their loss, their inconvenience, not yours.
I'd have to disagree with that.
When I worked in retail I had quite a few people scream at me because I didn't know their language. Well, at least I think that's why they were mad at me... every time I tried to tell them I didn't understand the volume increased.

I cry when people yell at me, so that wasn't a pretty scenario.

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Re: Should we?

Originally posted by Justin24
Since the immigration is always a hot subject.

I my self am in strong agreement to secure our border which all countries do better than us, no suprise there.

Now first thing is first it is the job of the President and Congress to protect it's citizens, which means protecting the borders and following the law of the land.

People who come illegal on container ships are comminting the same crime Latin Americans or Canadians do from the Northern and Southern Border. They also break the law by stealing someones idenity with a Social Security Card. Which yes the money goes towards our system and they dont get anything in return.

Now when I go to another country I make sure I learn some of the language and customs when I visit. What really irks me is when illegal immigrants do not and we have to have multiple signs and recordings in different languages. When I go to guatemala everything is in spanish except for government buildings and airports. So that means we must spend extra money which could have gone to something more useful. We have hospitals down in the border states close down because of unpaid hospital bills from illegal immigrants.

Wages go down because our new slaves who will work for pretty much nothing take jobs away. Insurance goes up, in medical and vehical.

They demand the same rights as citizens of this country, when there are people who went through the proper channels to get that right.

They call groups such as the minute men white devils because they have the courage to do what the government should have done in the first place and that is securing the border. But most politicians are falling for people who are not citizens and want to make them citizens quickly so they can serve more terms. If we grant Amnesty for those here now, then I would like to see a major withdraw from Iraq so then they can place them along the border and stop the flow of illegal drugs, criminals and possible terrorists.
Okay, I've just now found this, so Justin, I will try to respond to the points you've brought up.

1. the border
exactly WHO do you think will be building it??? full-time employed american citizens?? very doubtful.

2. i don't agree with your identity theft statement at all. you spoke in general terms, and the languaged you used implied that ALL of them do that. i don't know any illegal immigrants that have stolen identities, but i have loads of friends who have their cards stolen from american citizens.

3. as for the hospitals closing it the immigrants fault that this country is foolish enough to have healthcare controlled by the private sector? i'd argue those hospital bills weren't soley racked up by illegal immigrants. bear in mind that hospitals all over the nation accrue bills that are not paid in full. over 40 million americans do not have health insurance, mostly because part time jobs (taken by citizens, legal, and illegal immigrants) do not provide health insurance. 1 in 4 americans make less than $20k and have no health insurance...they can't exactly foot the bill if they or one of their family members gets sick.

4. I do not see your connection of medical & vehicle insurance going up, especially since illegal immigrants don't usually have any of these commodities. As for them "taking jobs", lets look at the real root of the problem, and that is these corporations. They purposely offer crap jobs at even crappier rates.

They know that in particular the Mexican immigrants are leaving their home in search of a hopeful future. Yet they take advantage of this vulnerablity. I think it is the corporations that are encouraging illegal immigration.

If they didn't offer these crap jobs at crappier wages (knowing that many american citizens wouldn't bother with these awful jobs), then the illegal immigrants wouldn't come. They are the ones creating the opportunities. Why not punish them? They obviously are racist and value some people over others, because they know they couldn't get away with subjecting american citizens to that madness.

Here's an idea! Why not offer fair wages? That way people can be hired based on their skills and talents rather than their ethnicity! It makes so much sense to me, and I sometimes wonder why politicians do not bring up this point...but then I remember that they are mostly corporate funded, and I cry tears of injustice and heartache.

5. What is so wrong with demanding to be treated like a human??? I'm not sure exactly what rights you were referring to, but this line made me think of how some people really mistreat others. I don't see why they can't demand the basic human rights that are supposed to be guaranteed.

6. This statement I don't agree with at all. I mean, its not like our border of the entire atlantic ocean stopped other terrorist attacks, drugs, and criminals. Those things can happen anywhere at anytime to anyone. I don't think it is fair to assume Mexicans are possible terrorists. They are coming here looking for WORK and a NEW LIFE. As for the criminals, if you are referring to MS-13, they originated in El Salvador, not Mexico.

Okay, I think I addressed everything? Thanks for bringing up the issue! I really like getting involved in discussions like these. I like to hear other people's opinions as much as I like to voice my own. This debate has been very interesting thus far.

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