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Originally Posted by 2861U2 View Post
Not at all. There are a million substantive reasons I don't like Obama. Verbal gaffes weigh in at about a 1.0 on the Richter Scale. I'm just sensing a little hypocrisy when it comes to fumbling up sentences, mispronouncing words, etc. If Obama says "hello, Sioux City" when he's actually in Sioux Falls, I really don't care. I'm sure the man is tired. But you need to be as forgiving and understanding when President Bush makes a similar mistake.

from an amusement standpoint, there's a world of difference between a factual misstatement, and the grammatical trainwreck that is GWB. but that's only humor, it isn't substantive from a policy standpoint, i do agree with that. however, GWB's misstatements -- made while president, not while exhaustively campaigning for 6 months -- appear to belie his well-known lack of intellectual curiosity and it adds grist to the mill for those who think that this president is quite a bit dimmer than those who typically occupy the Oval Office. this isn't necessarily a fair conclusion to draw, but you can't argue the point that Bush isn't helping himself get out of the he-really-is-stupid hole.

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Originally Posted by 2861U2 View Post
But you need to be as forgiving and understanding when President Bush makes a similar mistake.
Trust me Bush makes similar mistakes to that to which you stated everyday, those aren't the ones that make the headlines. Saying the wrong city shouldn't even be a blip on the screen.

If you can't honestly see the difference then you are the one that can't be equally critical.

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apparently not
"John McCain's proposal is nothing more than a political stunt, and we don't need any more 'Mission Accomplished' banners or walks through Baghdad markets to know that Iraq's leaders have not made the political progress that was the stated purpose of the surge. The American people don't want any more false promises of progress, they deserve a real debate about a war that has overstretched our military, and cost us thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars without making us safer."

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