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Originally posted by Vincent Vega
Yes, he isn't an adult, but also he isn't a child.
It wasn't right of her having sex with a teenager.
I don't know why a 31 year old woman can be fascinated by a 16 year old.
But I wouldn't say that is pedophelia. With 16 years he should be old enough to make up his own mind, and as he said he wasn't forced to that but wanted it himself.
Much as I hate getting involved in this sort of topic, which inevitably ends in a bar room brawl: I have to stick my oar in and agree with what you wrote there, Vincent.

Anyway. Correct me if I am wrong, but in this definition, 'paedophilia' refers to sex with someone under the age of consent. That definition, it's okay to have sex with someone immediately after they come of age, but not immediately before.

Before anyone jumps on me with hobnailed boots, YES, I KNOW it's not as cut and dry as all that. I'm on about legalities.

The age of consent still varies from state to state, right? I know it used to be 18 in WI and 17 in IL, when I lived there. Well, in the UK, the nationwide age of consent is 16. So, technically speaking, a consenting adult in the UK is a minor in Wisconsin and Illinois (for example), and their lover is therefore a paedophile. Or a 'statuatory rapist'.

I know that's a simplistic way of putting it, but that's what the 'age of consent' seems to concede.

Originally posted by verte76
A sixteen-year-old is not a child. Granted, he's not a "mature", legal adult but he's capable of making his own decisions.
Depends on the 16 year old in question. In general, though, agreed.

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Having said all that, I just found this:

Other Legislation: The "abuse of trust" was also introduced with this act. This means that if someone is in a position of trust towards a person aged between 16 and 18, for instance a teacher, they are not allowed to have a sexual relationship with the younger party.

I am certainly not arging about abuse of trust being wrong, and there's no way I would condone adults exploiting any young person. Teens do need protecting.

i'm just sayng that the whole age o consrent issue is a huge can of worms, in general. (Stating the obvious, really.)

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A 16 year old is not an adult. The 31 year old should know better, attraction or no attraction, ESPECIALLY a teacher being involved with a student. The teacher seems obviously immature. A 16 year old boy can't make adult decisions for himself, at this age he is thinking with the wrong head. Hate to say it! they were both wrong, and I feel both should be reprimanded.
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I wish I had a sexy teacher that would let me have sex with her when I was 16. Period!!!

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