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Originally posted by nbcrusader
I don't recall the movie being presented as an alternative to Scripture.

I would suggest that it is impossible to make a movie regarding Jesus that meets your suggested standard of non-fiction.
I would suggest that you research this subject before believing this is about scriptural accuracy in any sort, because it's not.

Mel Gibson's movie is adapted to Emmerich's visions/delusions, which were adapted from medieval "Passion Plays," which are loosely adapted from the Gospels, but instead have everything to do with Catholic tradition. When one looks at this movie as an adaptation of a passion play, it works wonderfully. It goes through every Catholic "Station of the Cross," which ends with Jesus put into the tomb. This would explain why Jesus is only portrayed as suffering.

Secondly, as these medieval "Passion Plays" were meant to be overtly anti-Semitic, I can see why Jewish organizations were nervous. Thankfully, most people did not leave the theater feeling anti-Semitic, but that would have been the reaction hundreds of years ago with those characters as depicted.

Third, all those "extras," like Satan walking around and the sympathetic depiction of Pilate's wife, all are pointed back to Emmerich's book.

This is not a depiction of the Gospels. If they are, it is merely coincidence. What this movie is is a faithful adaptation of a book that Traditionalist Catholics (read: Latin-loving, Protestant-hating, pre-Vatican II Catholics) love. And the joke is on those who have seen a broader Biblical meaning out of this film.

With that, Gibson did a fine job adapting Emmerich's book. And we don't need a disclaimer on this movie any more than we need a disclaimer on "The Da Vinci Code." If stupid people believe what they see in these movies are accurate and true, then so be it.


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I agree it was only a movie,
but I think it was a very good movie.

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