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Originally posted by AchtungBono

Case in point, George Bush Sr. was unstoppable after the 1991 gulf war but he STILL lost to Bill Clinton a year later - proving that one thing has nothing to do with another.
Minor point here, of course you wouldn't see a cause/effect in that instance:
Jan 1991-Nov 1992
22 months, almost two years apart. That is a HUGE period of time, politically.

That said, the Reps want Iraq off the front page, period.
I don't think it was politically motivated.

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Originally posted by U2DMfan
That said, the Reps want Iraq off the front page, period.
I don't think it was politically motivated.
A specification, if I may:

The Republican Party wants bad news from Iraq off the front page.

But they will trumpet good news from Iraq until the fucking cows come home (or they lose Tuesday) - while I don't agree with the sentence itself, I think it's good news for Iraq that there is at least some progress toward a stable legal system. Now all America has to work on is the Iraqi government, and the terrorists, and the Iraqi security forces...that's all...oh shit...

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Originally posted by Diemen
Do you honestly believe the terrorists give a shit about whether Saddam Hussein lives or dies? And to those of you saying the terrorists would use Saddam's life imprisonment to their advantage - they will use his death sentence to their advantage far more than a life sentence. They are opportunists. If he dies, then they will use him as a martyr (though he had little to nothing in common with them). If he lives in prison for the rest of his life he is no martyr, and can hold absolutely no power over them.

Do you honestly think these terrorists would want to free Saddam and put him back in power? Fat chance. Doing so would be their undoing. Saddam was a secular ruler, and the last thing the terrorists want is a secular leader who would minimize their fundamentalist leanings.
While I don't really have an opinion one way or the other about the death sentence for Saddam (imagine that. . .someone on FYM with no opinion one way or the other), I do agree with Diemen's summation on the terrorist--Saddam link. There isn't one.

And even if you do support the death sentence for Saddam Hussein, such news should be greeted with solemnity that the taking of human life deserves. At the the very least, it's in poor taste to "celebrate" the death of any person no matter how deserved.
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Originally posted by AchtungBono

No one who kills for pleasure deserves to live.
says he who is taking pleasure in the forthcoming death of another

oh the irony

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