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With the internet I think that line gets blurred a lot more. Information is no longer able to be consolidated. You can find images, video, diaries and testimony of what is going on from a variety of sources on the ground. It works both ways, there are a number of forums that routinely post videos of attacks against US forces and Iraqi targets as well as images of the bodies. The blogosphere is an invaluable part of this and the diversity of opinion freely expressed certainly humanises the victims. It is also bringing to light the victims of abhorent regimes, the stories and documents that never get reported for one reason or another.

I think we should distinguish between passive and active dehumanisation. I will not generalise about the entire Arab press but there are some sources (mostly state run stations) that will actively dehumanise Israelis as a means of state control. Now there is a difference between reporting 3 dead Israelis without elaboration and airing "documentaries" on how Mossad was behind September 11 or how the Jews steal the eyes of Palestinian children. That is active dehumanisation, as opposed to passive dehumanisation which is done by not saying any more.

There are also exceptions to the rule of western press being anti-Arab, the Palestinians were able to work propaganda miracles with the western press over the death of Mohammed al-Dura. I also think about the "Jenin massacre" and how that was spun.

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