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Originally posted by A_Wanderer

Sexual Harrassment Panda

I was just waiting for someone to post that.

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Sexual harassment seems to be very much in the eye of the beholder.

Example: a career adviser in my former workplace (a college on the East Coast) liked to sit by the receptionist's desk and make comments about the attractiveness of the students walking in.

He was gay.

The uncomfortable receptionist didn't feel like she could say anything, because my boss (our director) was also gay.

The counselor was eventually let go (not for harassment, but for incompetence).

So, in these ever-more complicated times, the question remains what constitutes harassment and what doesn't -- which seems to be a very subjective question indeed.

Or to put it another way...

Was Romeo sexually harassing Juliet when he stalked her?

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Most work places as well as universities DO have thier own sexual harrassment policies in place - however a lot of people actually won't/don't report it for various reasons
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Originally posted by anitram

And you can't define who should be offended by this or that. You have absolutely no idea of that person's background and set of circumstances or the context in which they were offended or how deep it goes. A person who may have been abused as a kid would surely have a different reaction to an "innocent" comment than maybe somebody without that sort of baggage.
Excellent point, people have differing sensitivities so we must keep that in mind.

When I was just out of college I interviewed for a receptionist job at a high end, well known company. It was at the main office entrance. This creep interviewing me gave me all this bs about how I would be the first face clients would see/the first impression of the company, etc. Then he proceeded to ask me if I would be willing to do "anything to keep the clients happy" (the tone and the way he said it left no doubt if there ever was any to begin with).That is blatant sexual harassment to me, looking back on it it makes me so disgusted and angry. I answered along the lines of "anything within reason". I would like to think now I wouldn't be as timid and I wouldn't take something like that without calling someone out on it. I'd like to think- but that is a very intimidating situation, when you are looking for a job. Creeps like that take advantage of that. I guess he thought it was "funny" too.

I don't recall any incident at college, I commuted so maybe that was one factor. I had respectful professors and the men in my classes were pretty respectful too.
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If this only takes sexual harrassment in the classroom into the account, I'd have a hard time believing the figures would be this high. But if it counts stuff like getting groped by some Neanderthal at a keg party, I could certainly believe it would be that high.
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Thanks for posting this!

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