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I think lots of religions contain some truth and mine is closest to THE truth

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Originally posted by ThatGuy
But I understand your explanation. If I may interpret further, it's something like the way a parent might teach their child. You would not try and treat a 4 year old the same way you would treat a child of 15. We give our children lessons that they can understand. Whereas in the OT God meted out some severe punishment, in the NT He chose to spread the message of love through His son. But both actions come from the love He has for us. Is that an accurate interpretation?
The primary difference is that what we could not achieve through ritual sacrifices - righteousness before God - is attainable through grace from faith in Christ.

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Thanks for the response, nbc.
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I very simply believe in different paths to the same truth - sort of what Mother Teresa preached when she said part of her duty was to help a good Catholic be a better Catholic, a good Hindu a better Hindu, etc. Live and let live, let it all sort itself out in the afterlife if you believe in one.
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Thanks for replying everyone.

I realise this will probably sound stupid, but for those who said they think there is only one "true" religion, how do you know that your religion is the "true" one? Do you have some sort of evidence or proof of it, or is it more that you 'know' that it's true?

And...those who said that all the different religions are equally valid and are ultimately all worshipping the same god, how do you reconcile that with the differences between the teachings of different religions?
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I think THE truth is too complex to understand for us and the holy spirit tries to teach us the truth but because of us humans being too stupid to understand the full truth we try to teach other humans "our" truth which is of curse individually different.

Hope that makes sense

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