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In case anyone cares here's the article that originally had the links.

Mary Loves Dick - The Truth

by Jon Donnis (Original Material Written by Nik Donnis)

This article was previously released last year, but many people denied what we said, called us liars. Well here as well as a reproduction of the original article, we are for the first time ever publicly releasing the video footage that PROVES the article. Yet again BadPsychics is here at the front line exposing the cheats and the liars.

Most Haunted Live! - Air Date - December 30th 2003

During a New Years Eve Most Haunted Live the now infamous Mary Loves Dick segment,what really happened that day?

The show was on, David Bull presenting, they handed over to Yvette and Derek.

Here is what was broadcast on LivingTV on that evening, notice that David Bull hands over to them "live"
Right Click and Save Target As.. to download to your computer

This clip is copyright LivingTV and is shown for the express purpose of criticism and review in accordance with the Fair Dealing Provision of the Copyright Act.

The screen was dark green indicating night vision cameras. Here is what happened as shown on Living TV that day. Derek was giving some valuable information as usual, when he became possessed.
After a few seconds of going "funny" Derek says

"Mary Loves Dick"
"Mary Loves Dick"
"Mary Loves Dick"

Derek is pulling his usual array of funny faces.

"Don't say those things about him"

He then comes out of his possession and starts to describe this woman who has a great love for Dick. And how she covers him up. (Noticed Yvette desperately trying not to laugh, she even has covered her mouth with her hand as the giggles set in.)

Derek carries on with some more info. Eventually Yvette interrupts him claiming to hear in her ear piece that the historians are going completely bonkers over what Derek has been saying.

She then she asks if Derek has given the right information, and then its back to the studio. And yes the historians are going crazy etc., saying how great Derek is and how he has come up with amazing stuff.

So far nothing wrong with that, sounds like the usual occurrences they have on Most Haunted Live. But wait, this is so you know this isn't the end.

So for the first time anywhere on the net we bring to you the original recording of this, in full colour and including what happened after they "cut" the scene.
Right Click and Save Target As.. to download to your computer

This clip is copyright LivingTV and is shown for the express purpose of criticism and review in accordance with the Fair Dealing Provision of the Copyright Act.

We start off with the footage, and the Mary Loves Dick Segment itself. This whole segment was recorded earlier and sent back to the studios during the early evening, roughly 5pm. There for it was NOT live.

Also during the piece at the end Yvette even "acknowledges" David Bull and apparently hears in her ear piece that the historians are excited, but how is that possible if that segment had been pre-recorded? Could it be that she had already been told the reactions that would be given? And if so that would mean that they already knew that Derek had given the correct information. How is that possible, if Derek is supposed to be picking up on these things through the spirit world?

Also when this clip was broadcast on the show it was in green, indicating night vision, yet the original tape recording of the same clip that was made during the day was in full colour. Why? Why would they add green tint to the screen?

There are many questions there that need to be answered. But there is only one question I need to know. On the original tape (Unedited) footage, after they hand over back to the studio, the obvious happens, they all crack up. They all start laughing at Mary Loves Dick, and all the sexual innuendos as you would expect them too, but in the last 5 seconds of the footage, a crew assistant can be clearly heard stating

"So does Derek win the £20's then"

And Yvette can be clearly heard saying "Yessssss". What exactly was this bet about? Could it have been a bet for someone to say the biggest Double Entendre? Or something else perhaps.

So now you have read this and seen the evidence for yourself, you have to ask yourself a few questions.

1. Why would Living TV Pre-Record the most important segment and broadcast it as live?

2.How would Yvette know in advance that Derek had come up with fantastic information that would make the historians "go bonkers"

3.Why did they add a green tint to suggest night vision?

4.And what was this £20 bet all about?

Whatever you believe or think, the clips speak for themselves.
Who do you really trust? As usual I will let you decide.

"Derek Acorah is the best known, most popular, and highly respected British psychic medium. His accuracy is astonishing and his delivery unique. Derek Acorah has made 'Most Haunted' a top rating show for Living TV and his new venture 'Antiques Ghost Show' is heading for success. Derek Acorah is loved by his army of fans, who flock to theatres to see his demonstrations, and tickets for live TV performances are always heavily over-subscribed.
Believe it or not, Derek will charm you."


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