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Old 03-22-2006, 01:32 AM   #16
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If Iraq falls and fragments would Islamist terror groups benefit?

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Not if we do it in the proper way. Stupid ruining my country.

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Helen Thomas was on the Situation Room last night, he hasn't called on her in 3 years! She has called him the worst President ever- she said that off the record and it wasn't meant to be public.

"THOMAS: My goals are to seek the truth, wherever it leads me. And I do think that's the goal of journalists, and I think we fell down on the job."

"BLITZER: And you asked him a tough question. Did you accept his answer? Namely, that he didn't come into the presidency believing he was going to go to war against Saddam Hussein, but after 9/11 his world view changed?

THOMAS: It doesn't -- it doesn't parse. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, it certainly had -- was secular, it was not tied to al Qaeda.

I think he wanted to go into Iraq because he had all the neo- conservatives advising at the top of their agenda for Project for a New American Century. First Iraq, then Iran -- then Syria, then Iran, and so forth.

BLITZER: So you believe even before 9/11, he was about -- he wanted to take out Saddam Hussein? THOMAS: Oh, I think this is very clear. You couldn't sit in that press room day after day. Every time -- every time it was mentioned by Ari Fleischer or Scott, they would say in one breath, 9/11, Saddam Hussein, 9/11, Saddam Hussein.

I don't -- I don't blame the American public for thinking there was a tie.

BLITZER: So you don't accept his answer today? You think, what, he was still spinning? Is that what you're suggesting?

THOMAS: It wasn't that. I think maybe in his own mind he didn't, but I think that everybody knows, everybody who was in the know, knows that Iraq was on target, it was on the radar screen from the moment he came into office. The Treasury secretary says it, people in CIA say it, and so forth .

Nothing would deter him. It was a very big goal.

BLITZER: You're thinking of Paul O'Neill, the former Treasury secretary.


BLITZER: Richard Clarke, who was one of the counterterrorist advisers...

THOMAS: Right.

BLITZER: ... who have made those kinds of suggestions."
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Frankly during the 2000 election I kept telling people that he would bomb Iraq but nobody believed me, they thought I was stupid. I was 13...I was dead right.
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Old 03-23-2006, 08:03 AM   #20
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I couldn't believe he said that "future President" thing, it would almost be funny if it wasn't so sad

A generous Bush always thinking of others

By David Martin | March 23, 2006

DURING A RECENT news conference, George W. Bush let it be known that the decision to end the US military presence in Iraq will not be his. Instead, according to Bush, it will be for ''future presidents" to decide.

Barely reliable sources note a possible post-conference follow-up in which Bush plans to leave a number of other decisions to future presidents, preferably Democrats.

''As far as the increasing national debt," said Bush, ''future presidents will have to tackle that problem."

''Given the precarious state of the economy," said the US president, ''it would be irresponsible of me to interfere at this point in time. I really think it's best if someone else handles it."

Suspending tax cuts for the wealthy is another issue apparently best left to future presidents.

''I handed out those tax cuts," said Bush. ''So how would it look if all of a sudden I took them back? Again, I think it's better that someone new make that decision."

The end of the war on terror has also been deferred.

''My speech-writers tell me that it's unrealistic to expect a war on a concept to end any time soon," said President Bush. ''So I'll leave that one to a future president to deal with as well."

When questioned about his administration's ill-fated prescription drug plan, Bush again deferred.

''It's obviously way too early to do something about that," said the president. ''Tinkering with the plan now could make the situation even worse. Best to let some future president try to fix it."

Gulf Coast residents hoping to get some immediate hurricane relief will also have to wait for another day.

''The worst thing to do at this point is to throw more money at the problem," said Bush. ''Better to wait a few years and see where help is really needed. Then some future president can clean up the mess."

Asked how he intends to spend his remaining political capital, the president said that he would not be undertaking any major new initiatives in the next two years. ''Let's face it," said Bush. ''Anything I tried to do now would just need to be fixed up by some future president anyway. I think it's best for the nation if I just do nothing."

David Martin is author of the satiric collection ''My Friend 'W'."
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Drudge Report

**Exclusive**!!!! (those are mine )

A top producer at ABC NEWS declared "Bush makes me sick" in an email obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT.

John Green, currently executive producer of the weekend edition of GOOD MORNING AMERICA, unloaded on the president in an ABC company email obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT.

"If he uses the 'mixed messages' line one more time, I'm going to puke," Green complained.

The blunt comments by Green, along with other emails obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT, further reveal the inner workings of the nation's news outlets.

A friend of Green's at ABC says Green is mortified by the email. "John feels so badly about this email. He is a straight shooter and great producer who is always fair. That said, he deeply regrets the sentiment expressed in the email and the embarrassment it causes ABC News."

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