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Originally posted by Salome:
I still have trouble believing that if one country's view/opinion is different (on just about any subject) from a lot of/most other countries that you can say that one country is right and the rest ignorant
Opinions differ on the basis of those who have taken action in the past and those who are merely spectators.

One reason I believe that a lot of other countries seem to be opposed of the USA as a superpower and taking military action is because they are not in the same situation as us. The view is not the same too, and perhaps they want us to not have any superiority at all. That probably sounds redundant as I wrote it. As usual, I have a hard time expressing a serious thought for others to consume.

I may edit it later when I figure out how to word it.

I don't think any country is ignorant of Iraq's military capabilities
that we might want to handle it in a different way doesn't show ignorance on the subject

I do, or at least they are ignorant of the capability of their leader Saddam and his possible succesor.

This guy and his son need to be shut down, they will do their best to convert and conquer the entire world to their way and beliefs within their grasp. In given time, they will do so. Thats their big push now to get as many rouge allies they can along the way. Have Al Queda carry out the deeds in the name of religion to busy the USA will neutralizing any possible coalition we have till its just us and their other main target Israel. ANd using Israel as a reason to bring on the unholy in the struggle, throw the US military and admin off guard, while alinging the rouge nations and the puzzle is coming together.

I don't know what the popular consenses of handling this amongst the Europeans is, but consider this. We have fought this army once, we know more about this enemy than you and we have the reason to worry and want to procede to cover up our mistake of complacency and mis-intel back in 1991. I say this with a nod to anyone and everyone who can give advice to us, we should listen and consider it carefully. It's everyones world, and everyone has the right to say and portest so please don't misunderstand me.

But it's my feeling that most of you think we should just let this problem take care of itself, that it will go away if we stop making an issue of it. Wrong folks, thats what I call ignorance, in referring to above. In good faith, best intentions will not prevail without a hearty sacrifice. We have already committed the sin of letting this piece of shit stay in power in Iraq. He has grown more powerful and we will have to pay a price to remove him. It is a price that will scar us forever, yet will save us later should we choose to do the right thing.

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