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Old 12-04-2005, 09:57 PM   #76
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Originally posted by melon

No, he didn't. That's where "romanticism" comes in. JP2 said the same kinds of derogatory comments about homosexuals and supported everything that Cardinal Ratzinger did as head of the Congregation for the Defense of Faith. Lest we forget, JP2 appointed him in the first place! For some reason, the press never liked to expose that "dark side" of JP2, but enjoys it with Ratzinger here. In reality, though, both popes are two-of-a-kind from a morality POV.

And that's why I will never share all the warm and fuzzy sentiment of "John Paul the Great."

Don't get me wrong, I still reckon JP2 was a wanker. But I can't help but sense that there is something inherently sinister about the way The Rat Singer has so far conducted himself. He seems even less open to change and to associate with people he would deem as "undesirable", than JP2.

Both, as far as I'm concerned, are nasty little bigots...but The Rat Singer seems much worse than Jp2

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I can't really accept "gays have no social or moral value", coming from the Christian church. I suppose I see it as a double standard.

It seems so...... unreligious a statement.
So base, so primitive.
I cannot accept that God, if he is as powerful as the church wants him to appear, would feel that way concerning gay people. (as in, such a standpoint, in my own belief, is purely a human and tainted position to hold)

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That's terrible. Being gay is not wrong. Is it wrong to love someone? If so then we might as well all be sinners. Just becuase the person you love is of the same sex does not make your relationship any less inferior to a heterosexual partnership.

It's ashame that, the Pope is more or less the representative of the Catholic Church, because most people will probably now think all Catholics are like this. But they aren't. I can't speak for them, but I highly doubt they are this narrow-minded.

I, personally, do not follow a set religion (although, I do believe there's something after death) but your sexuality should not make your relationship with God any less or more inferior/superior. If everyone is equal in God and Jesus' eyes, then why can't the Pope see that?

"I admit I am an openly-gay priest but [my sexuality] doesn't define me," Dr Rathbone said.

What Dr Rathbone said is true. Being gay/bisexual/lesbian/etc does not make you any less of a person.

Besides, the Church is just a way of trying to control people. You don't need a building to tell you what your relationship with God is.

I say: Let them wallow in their ignorance! If they want to be narrow minded primitives, let 'em.

(I know most people will have probably said more or less what I've written but I like to have my opinion, as we all do.)
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Re: Pope Benedict: gays have no social or moral value

Originally posted by Irvine511
[q] Pope Benedict: gays have no social or moral value


this is what religious leaders do

Caiaphas, High Priest, said Jesus had no social or moral value
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I'm a practicing Catholic, but this is not my view of gays. How can the Pope talk about human rights or human dignity and then say things like this? It's not consistent.

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