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*Isn't it nice.. Let's all give a nice HooRay for real Human Rights Violaters.. Our Dear friends China.... They are going to sign the Kyoto Treaty!! This is like being offered a $100.00 dollar bill and Raving at what a great feat it was for someone to actually take the $100.00 dollar bill. Please.. The lack of understanding is astounding Pop.

*It's funny, Countries are prohibited from purchasing oil and doing business with Iraq.. However, Aren't many of the European countries doing just that.. Hence their Staunch opposition of a US Attack of Iraq.. which would bring to light such activity.

*To switch gears a bit if I may.. Have any of you been watching Julie Chen again show the world just how poor of a TV Announcer she really is in Big Brother 3..
There exists a Negro lady in the house.. Danielle.. Who was (Til Tonight) in a tight battle with a white male.. Roddy, for the eminence of the household.. In her private confessions to the TV, she continually refers to Roddy as a Devil, Lucifer (Complete with Uneducated Fang and Horn Gestures).. And has insulted him for being a white man come to lay down the law to the blacks in the house.. A La Massa.. Well Danielle.. If Roddy's the Devil, Then You're the Black Plague. Go enjoy your mulatto kids when you realize that talking with your neck will get you no where but a spot on Springer (No offense Jerry).

*To Continue.. Bubba.. Z Edge.. TheU2.. We're living in a world of ignorant idiots.. I've got a little hint for you miss Akwana Shabazz Al-Aziz Walker.. Pick up a fucking book and learn a few more words than 'axe' and 'Talk to the Hand'.
"WILMINGTON, N.C. -- A fourth-grade teacher has received a formal reprimand for teaching her students the word "niggardly," the teacher's son said. Parent Akwana Walker, who is black, protested the use of the word, saying it offended her because it sounds similar to a racial slur."

*Where's Danospano.. He usually likes to shove his head up the asses of Harvard Professors.. Look at the recent trash coming from your University today...
The Washington Times: A Harvard Professor Wants to Abolish the White Race.
The Motto from the website RACE TRAITOR that Prof. Noel Ignatiev affiliates himself with.
"Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity."
Ok.. Let's get a movement going.. "Abolish the Black Race" Eliminate Ghetto Slang.. including axe, nigga, babydaddy... Eliminate Babydaddies... And Cut the hell out all of that finger waving and Neck Slinging.. It's unattractive.

*Ah yes.. And there is Ms. Martha Burk..."A women's human rights treaty is not as sexy as Hootie Johnson running around and having tirades on the back nine," This is truly laughable.. Though I cringe when I hear any arrogant teenager fire out a 'It's a free country' as they speak through continuously chomping Bubblicious Jaws.. This is something that Ms. Burk really doesn't understand.. Just because you want it.. doesn't mean you can have it.. And Definitely does not mean that you should have it. I love Hootie's Response.. "There may well come a day when women will be invited to join our membership, but that timetable will be ours, and not at the point of a bayonet."
Word was, that when interviewed about this situation Ms. Burk Replied.. "WELL THEY CAN HAVE THE TOURNAMENT ANYWHERE ELSE.. WHY DOES AUGUSTA MATTER.".. Again, the Ignorance is astounding.

*If I may.. I'd like to return to this so called Earth Summit.. It is a beautiful thing to think that Humans, who have had any sort of technology for only 200 years can affect a planet that has been around for 4.2 billion years.. Sorry Creationists. A Few Select Quotes...
By Doug Powers ""
"We're told that the world is in crisis. We're suffering from starvation, health problems, financial ruin, and more. To Americans, these are all things you can see on Ally McBeal, but to the Earth Summit delegation, they're all things caused by freedom and democracy."
"Freedom means individual rights, freedom means personal pride, and freedom means the ability to get away from the hellish environments and people who are at the root of these problems. That won't be on the agenda at any Earth Summit anytime soon. The concept of freedom doesn't involve any cash changing hands via immoral third party contracts, and therefore is not understood by most of the bureaucratic world."
Hence Sums up the entire purpose of the Kyoto Treaty... Canada Signing.. China Signing.. Great step my ass.. In fact the Antarctic has been 'cooling' for some time now.

Coming up this Saturday is the second game of what is building to become a Memorable Season.. The Return To Glory HAS commenced,
I leave you with an article from my Home Newspaper.. The Observer:

Be excited, be enthusiatstic, be cautious
Associate Sports Editor
Several events occurred after Notre Dame beat Maryland 22-0 last weekend at the Kickoff Classic.
Notre Dame fans across the country saved (the college football) the effort of playing an entire season and declared the Irish national champions.
Tyrone Willingham became the most popular person on campus.
Members of Zahm Hall ran around the dorm yelling, "We'll never lose again! We'll never lose again!"
Unfortunately, the Irish will lose again. And Notre Dame fans must keep this in mind.
They must realize this team is still learning a difficult offense. They must understand that Maryland wasn't very good, that they were a far cry from last year's 10-2 team. They have to know we'll face teams such as Michigan, Michigan State, Florida State and USC, teams that won't let the Irish get away with 11 penalties and only 130 yards rushing on 45 carries.
They must still be patient.
I'm as happy as the next Irish fan that Notre Dame won its first game in impressive fashion. It was refreshing to see the Irish dominate a game, annihilate another team's offense and celebrate a win in front of the nation.
But fans must look inside the numbers to see just how far Notre Dame must still go to reach greatness.
The Irish didn't score an offensive touchdown. They couldn't finish a drive inside the 20 yard-line. They fumbled the ball several times. Quarterback Carlyle Holiday was sacked four times. They were far from perfect, to say the least.
"We need to improve in every area," coach Tyrone Willingham said. "We need to not make so many unforced errors. We need to make better decisions in every area. We need to be more physical. So you can go on and on in every area; we need the constant improvement."
Seeing that, the good news is Notre Dame still won the game. The bad news is they didn't play all that well.
Now I'm not saying don't be excited about Notre Dame football. Or not to think the Irish can win a national championship in the next few years. I'm just saying that Notre Dame will lose sometime this year, maybe even two or three or four times, but that Notre Dame fans must stick by their team.
Fans need to stay excited, support the players and coaches and not criticize every move they make. Because next year, or the year after, the Fighting Irish will be back in the hunt for national championship No. 12. Give Willingham a little more time and the Irish will be, once again, a force in college football.
Until then, win national championships in your NCAA Football 2002 video game, scream your heart out at the home football games and be pumped up for the whole Notre Dame football experience.
Just don't get your expectations too high quite yet. Give the Irish a little more time. Give them another year or two. Give them a chance to reach their potential.
Once they do that, they may never lose again.

God, Country, Notre Dame.


USA Basketball.. Next time take your best players.

"When People Feel Uncertain, they'd rather have somebody who is Strong and Wrong than somebody who is Weak and Right."

--Bill Clinton
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zahm sucks.

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You Say You Want a Resolution
Everywhere you look, people are saying the dumbest things. This year, let's resolve to say enough is enough.
by Larry Miller
01/14/2002 12:01:00 AM

New Editor's Note, September 5, 2002: In yesterday's New York Times, Tom Friedman called this classic Larry Miller column essential reading. In case you missed it, enjoy!


Editor's Note: I'm happy to introduce you to Larry Miller. You may recognize him from his work as a comedian and actor (he's been in everything--"The Princess Diaries," "Best in Show," "10 Things I Hate About You," and his turn as the sinister Doorman on "Seinfeld" stand out). Look for his essays in The Daily Standard every other week.


PEOPLE HAVE BEEN MAKING New Year's resolutions for a long time. Usually they're personal and last no longer than a smoke ring or one of Tom Daschle's smiles. You know the drill: "I'm going to cut down on my drinking, lose a few pounds, and read more books." Of course, by January 3rd, you get drunk, order a pizza, and buy a satellite dish.

This year, though, my resolutions won't be personal, and they won't look forward. They'll look back. Four months back. As you know, since September 11, our leaders and soldiers have done a fine job, frequently a brilliant job. (I mean, please, how about that Rumsfeld? If he were a woman, I'd--Wait. Come to think of it, I'd still do nothing.) I don't even care that so many of our fellow Americans have been contrary and mealy-mouthed. What makes me want to scream like an actress and throw things is this: Since the attack, I have seen, heard, and read thoughts of such surpassing stupidity that they must be addressed. You've heard them too. Here they are:

1) "We're not good, they're not evil, everything is relative."

Listen carefully: We're good, they're evil, nothing is relative. Say it with me now and free yourselves.

You see, folks, saying "We're good" doesn't mean "We're perfect." Okay? The only perfect being is the bearded guy on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The plain fact is that our country has, with all our mistakes and blunders, always been and always will be, the greatest beacon of freedom, charity, opportunity, and affection in history.

If you need proof, open all the borders on Earth and see what happens. In about half a day, the entire world would be a ghost town, and the United States would look like one giant line to see "The Producers."

2) "Violence only leads to more violence."

This one is so stupid you usually have to be the president of an Ivy League university to say it. Here's the truth, which you know in your heads and hearts already:

Ineffective, unfocused violence leads to more violence. Limp, panicky, half-measures lead to more violence. However, complete, fully-thought-through, professional, well-executed violence never leads to more violence because, you see, afterwards, the other guys are all dead.

That's right, dead. Not "on trial," not "reeducated," not "nurtured back into the bosom of love." Dead. D-E--Well, you get the idea.

3) "The C.I.A. and the rest of our intelligence community has failed us."

For 25 years we have chained our spies like dogs to a stake in the ground, and now that the house has been robbed, we yell at them for not protecting us.

Starting in the late seventies, under Carter appointee Stansfield Turner, the giant brains who get these giant ideas decided that the best way to gather international intelligence was to use spy satellites.

"After all," they reasoned, "you can see a license plate from 200 miles away." This is very helpful if you've been attacked by a license plate.

Unfortunately, we were attacked by humans. Finding humans is not possible with satellites. You have to use other humans. When we bought all our satellites, we fired all our humans, and here's the really stupid part. It takes years, decades to infiltrate new humans into the worst places of the world. You can't just have a guy who looks like Gary Busey in a Spring Break '93 sweatshirt plop himself down in a coffee shop in Kabul and say "Hiya, boys. Gee, I sure would like to meet that bin Laden fella."

Well, you can, but all you'd be doing is giving the bad guys a story they'll be telling for years.

4) "These people are poor and helpless, and that's why they're angry at us."

Uh-huh, and Jeffrey Dahmer's frozen head collection was just a desperate cry for help.

The terrorists and their backers are richer than Elton John and, ironically, a good deal less annoying. The poor helpless people, you see, are the villagers they tortured and murdered to stay in power. Mohamed Atta, one of the evil scumbags who steered those planes into the killing grounds (I'm sorry, one of the "alleged hijackers," according to CNN--they stopped using the word "terrorist," you know), is the son of a Cairo surgeon.

But you knew this, too. In the sixties and seventies, all the pinheads marching against the war were upper-middle-class college kids who grabbed any cause they could think of to get out of their final papers and spend more time drinking. At least, that was my excuse.

It's the same today. Take the Anti-Global-Warming-Or-Is-It-World-Trade-Oh-Who-Knows-What-The-Hell-They-Want demonstrators. They all charged their black outfits and plane tickets on dad's credit card before driving to the airport in their SUV's.

5) "Any profiling is racial profiling."

Who's killing us here, the Norwegians? Just days after the attack, the New York Times had an article saying dozens of extended members of the gazillionaire bin Laden family living in America were afraid of reprisals and left in a huff, never to return to studying at Harvard and using too much Drakkar.

I'm crushed. I think we're all crushed. Please come back. With a cherry on top? Why don't they just change their names, anyway? It's happened in the past. Think about it. How many Adolfs do you run into these days?

Shortly after that, I remember watching TV with my jaw on the floor as a government official actually said, "That little old grandmother from Sioux City could be carrying something."

Okay, how about this: No, she couldn't. It would never be the grandmother from Sioux City. Is it even possible? What are the odds? Winning a hundred Powerball lotteries in a row? A thousand? A million?

And now a Secret Service guy has been tossed off a plane and we're all supposed to cry about it because he's an Arab? Didn't it have the tiniest bit to do with the fact that he filled out his forms incorrectly three times? And then left an Arab history book on his seat as he strolled off the plane? And came back? Armed?

Let's please all stop singing "We Are the World" for a minute and think practically. I don't want to be sitting on the floor in the back of a plane four seconds away from hitting Mt. Rushmore and turn, grinning, to the guy next to me to say, "Well, at least we didn't offend them."

SO HERE'S what I resolve for the new year: To never forget our murdered brothers and sisters. To never let the relativists get away with their immoral thinking. After all, no matter what your daughter's political science professor says, we didn't start this. Have you seen that bumper sticker that says, "No More Hiroshimas"? I wish I had one that says, "You First. No More Pearl Harbors."

I resolve to be more vigilant and watchful. A good warning sign that these mutts were nuts was when they started dressing their women in heavy-duty, baby-blue bubblewrap. Any man who doesn't want to glance at a woman is, by definition, already very easy to talk into killing himself. Then again, to be fair, we haven't seen their women.

To scream, "Keep going!" when everyone else says, "Stop."

I'll just cut down on my drinking next year. Hell, I really wasn't planning to, anyway.

Larry Miller is a contributing humorist to The Daily Standard and a writer, actor, and comedian living in Los Angeles.{103F1102-C06A-4351-B096-CAA42AA41076}0
"When People Feel Uncertain, they'd rather have somebody who is Strong and Wrong than somebody who is Weak and Right."

--Bill Clinton
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It's been asked, why double post?.. So as to keep a record of everything of worth, and everything of note on Interference... Sans the New U2 Music reviews.. I leave those to TheU2.

*Ah, dear.. it is September 11th today.. I do think memorials have their place, but I will question the extent.

*What do I think should be done as a Memorial to the Terrorist Attacks on the World Trade Center?

1. Rebuild the Towers Bigger than they were before they fell.

2. Commemorate this day by commencing the attack on Iraq, and the subsequent revolutionization of the Middle East into a prosperous and Free region.. oh wait.. I forgot about Radical Islam.

*I'm sure you've all heard the latest news reports flashing back to 1998 when every liberal who is currently 'Anti-Attack-Iraq' was trumping an attack on Iraq as if it was the first priority on EVERY American's mind.. Just like Prescription Drugs is now. Or maybe it was just so our former President could sneak in one more bj... I'm sure the thought crossed his mind.

*Have you heard Yoko Ono is Clamoring to 'Give Peace a Chance'.. Haven't you done enough.. Because of you, Bonochick and whenhiphopdrovethebigcars spend thread after thread, smiley after smiley debating who is the greater Band..

*I thought this was interesting.. Now everyone Please step uponto their Honorable High Horse and shove a stirrup posteriorly:

Tuesday, 7 May, 2002, 12:10 GMT 13:10 UK BBC NEWS
Why do people find racist jokes funny?

Ann Winterton is not the first person to fall foul of telling racist jokes. But for good or bad, race is one subject of which joke-tellers never tire. Why is this?
Ann Winterton's joke wasn't funny. Even Bernard Manning admits that.

In telling a racist gag in an after-dinner speech, she committed an act of professional suicide which saw her sacked from the shadow cabinet.

The "joke" - in case you haven't heard it - was that there was an Englishman, a Cuban, a Japanese man and a Pakistani on a train. The Cuban throws a cigar out of the window, saying they are "ten-a-penny" in his country. The Japanese man throws a Nikon camera out, saying they are ten-a-penny in his country. Then the Englishman throws the Pakistani out the window.

It came a few days after comedian Stan Boardman was vilified for telling a racist gag at a Leeds United dinner, and in the wake of three BNP councillors being elected in Burnley.

Some have tried to pass off Mrs Winterton's "joke" as a bit of harmless fun.

But perhaps the reason the joke may have been funny to some is the exact reason many others find it offensive: to find it funny one would have to actually believe there were too many Pakistanis in England.

To test the logic of this, try telling the joke with "a Swiss man" in the place of the Pakistani.

In other words, could it be a simple illustration of the old line that there is many a true word spoken in jest - that far from being jokes, racist gags are simply a more "acceptable" way of being racist?

In 2000, shadow health secretary Dr Liam Fox told this joke to fellow MPs: "What do you call three dogs and a blackbird? The Spice Girls." Dr Fox apologised but did not have to resign. Could it be that, although an indelicate remark, it is more acceptable because it does not appear to mask a racist attitude?

Bernard Manning, who unashamedly proclaims his desire to tell jokes about anyone of whatever nationality, does not agree that jokes are a cover for racism.

"You never take a joke seriously," he says. "It's a joke! There's no such thing as throwing [people out of the window]. You wouldn't do that!

"We have to tell jokes about everything and everyone."

Others in the profession disagree. Steve Nallon, a former Spitting Image regular who now lectures on comedy at the University of Birmingham, says the joke is about the "valuelessness" of human life.

"It's about throwing people out of the window. That's why it's fundamentally unacceptable. It's saying these people - and it doesn't matter which race it is - are not worth keeping alive."

For him there is a big difference between gags like this and those that merely play on a stereotype - the example he cites is a joke about Pakistan never winning the World Cup because whenever they had a corner they would build a shop on it.

"Now I don't think that's necessarily offensive," he says, "because it's not saying anything other than the Pakistani community put enterprise before they put football."

Yet some would still say that goes too far. Comedienne Shazia Mirza draws a distinction between joking about other cultures and joking about one's own.

"I make jokes about Pakistanis because I am Pakistani. I make jokes about Muslims because I am a Muslim. I would never make a joke about black people because I'm not black," she says.

"I make jokes about my own culture, because I feel I know about it. No-one knows it better than me."

The vein of comedy about one's own race is a particularly rich one. Nallon says there's a simple reason why Woody Allen is not offensive whereas, to many, Bernard Manning is.

"Woody Allen is coming from within a historically persecuted community. Bernard Manning is white, heterosexual, fat, northern bloke. He's not persecuted by anybody. Essentially he's the powerbase of the British society."

Comedian Ivor Dembina, who has long analysed his Jewishness through his stand-up routines, currently has a show called Sado Judaism, something he characterises as enjoying being beaten... but not in business.

Reflecting on Mrs Winterton's sacking, Dembina told BBC News Online: "Racist jokes are great a safety valve. They help us get rid of Tory politicians."


Should people feel free to joke about anyone and anything? If not, where should the line be drawn? Let us have your comments, using the form below.

Your comments so far:

Some of the most "offensive" comic material ever was that of the late great Bill Hicks (he joked about paedophilia, disability, pornography, killing celebrities, and much more). However he was also incredibly funny. Hicks relentlessly challenged social norms, and individual preconceptions with subtle and complex humour; he was saying something worth saying, and that stopped him from being truly offensive.
Robert, Zurich

What about the TV program Goodness Gracious Me. That makes fun of white people shouldn't we be talking about that or is this another one sided argument?
Matt , UK

As a gay guy I find jokes about homosexual stereotypes amusing. But as soon as the element of hate or distaste comes into the equation (....throwing me out of a window), the reality is lost. The Spice Girls joke was not a racist joke entirely as the joke condemned the white girls and used a politically incorrect phrase to describe a woman of African decent (a phrase which is not used as a racist taunt).


*Stupid Brits... Is a joke like this something they find funny?..
Why is there cotton on the top of Tylenol?
To remind blacks that they picked cotton before they sold drugs

That is so low class.. At least Tony Blair has some Sense.

*Larry Miller is not an extremist in either direction, to be honest, I think he goes both ways... and as you are trying to understand these Terrorists, please, give no thanks to the military who will be protecting you from a dirty bomb going off ni the apartment below you.. So you can keep trying 'to understand' these terrorists..

*The Return to Glory Continues this weekend with the Arrival of Michigan into the Hallowed Grounds of Our Mother of the Lake. I will be there, Sadly, you won't.

"When People Feel Uncertain, they'd rather have somebody who is Strong and Wrong than somebody who is Weak and Right."

--Bill Clinton
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*Oh dear.. Well, we all knew it was going to come to pass, Nazi's comparing
the Leader of the Free world to Hitler, one of their own...

The regional Schwaebisches Tagblatt newspaper quoted German Chancellor Gerhard
Schroeder's justice minister, Herta Daeubler-Gmelin, as saying "Bush wants to
divert attention from his domestic problems. It's a classic tactic. It's one
that Hitler used."

It's a great contradiction.. Aren't we being shat upon for having such CLOSE
ties to Israel.. Nevermind that Israel is the only other country without any
sort of Peacesmoking delusions in this world. And the Leader of the Free
World is being compared to Hitler... Well..
Volkswagons suck anyways.

*Wasn't there a post a while back about the greatest threat to America?.. Is
it too late to punch in my vote for Tom Daschle..

*In another blow to Doctorwho's already WithereD credibility on any
political/current event issue...

Let's see what has happened just recently in the War on Terror..

AP:Pakistan has completed its investigation into last week's arrest of alleged
Sept. 11 planner Ramzi Binalshibh and other al-Qaida militants. Binalshibh
was a member of the al-Qaida cell in Hamburg, Germany, that U.S. and German
investigators believe planned and carried out the Sept.
11 attacks. The Pakistanis had said a second high-level al-Qaida figure also
was captured last week, but have refused to identify him by name or
nationality. The al-Qaida suspects were arrested in three raids on Tuesday
night and Wednesday morning.

AP: BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Prosecutors presented an anti-American tape and an e-mail
that appears to mimic Osama bin Laden in arguing against bail Wednesday for
six suspected members of an al-Qaida-trained terror cell. Five of the men were
arrested after a series of weekend raids in
Lackawanna, five miles south of Buffalo. The sixth was detained in Bahrain and
flown back.

But this can't be considered progress can it?.. With love to a fellow domer,
of course.

*Oh and Joyful Girl.. Need I list again the ethnicities of these arrested
Terror suspects...The buffalo 5.. Yemeni... Ramzi Binalshibh.... Yemeni..
How many of these were 22 year old African American Professionals, 13 year old
asian girls carrying a Barbie Doll, or Old creaking sacks of bones hobbling
onto the plane.. Yes, and your asinine policy of forcing a mother of an 11
month year old baby to drink her own breast milk is
more than justified. Here's a nice little photo of a man showing his pleasure at the arrest of the Buffalo 5.....

Is this that 85 year old Norwegian Grandmother you warned us to be wary of??? Please, There is still a bit of yolk dripping off your

*Have any of you seen Rosie O'Donnell's new haircut?.. Didn't someone put up a
thread in Lemonade Stand.. In the spirit of TheU2, about the Lesbian
Haircut?.. Again I ask.. Have any of you seen Rosie O'Donnell's new Haircut?..
Hahaha.. This time I can't be blamed for the bigotry.

*Someone was questioning my claim that the EU was filled with Socialistic
Jackasses.. I think it was one of the brits here..

AP:STOCKHOLM, Sept. 15 -- Sweden's governing Social Democrats claimed victory
after a tight race today against a center-right opposition, and were poised to
form a minority government.

Again, At least Blair has got some sense, and Kudos to those powdered wigs for
the impending Stamp of Approval on Blair's Resolution of force against Iraq.

*Liberals.. we have on record your stance on the Iraq invasion, when the time
comes and you have switched your opinions with the ebb of the rushing polls,
We'll be here to pat you on the ass and remind you of your hypocrisy.

*Janet Reno has taken the high road and decided not to pursue a fight in court
over the voting results in the Florida Gubernatorial Primary.. Insiders say
she's contacting Brick Top to take it to an unlicensed boxing ring. Pus.

*Bush's Approval rating..."Presidential job approval rating back up to 70% in
latest poll".. Didn't our friend to Blame clamor for a falling President
approval rating right until the election?... It's nice to be bent over every
once in a while eh 'Someone'.

*And while we're on Bush.. People still say he's the illegitimate President..
Do we all forget that Tom Daschle is the illegitimate Senate Majority
leader?... And for him to be 'Enforcing his Liberal Radicalism' on Americans..
well, It's wrong right guys?....

*I hope none of you are watchin Dr. Phil.. Please, anyone who advocates an
obese individual to take pride in their other attributes such as World History
or Milk Carton Bubble blowing while completely ignoring the fact that they
cannot fit through a door has spent one too many
nights diving down on Oprah.. But hey.. It pays now a days to be fat.. Pass
the McDonalds Fries.. oop.. I'm strictly a carnivore, I hear they cook their
fries in Corn Oil. Mazola to be exact.

Sesame Street introduces their new muppet..Let's read the caption... "
Kami, a mustard colored furry Muppet who likes nature, telling stories and
collecting stuff, is seen during a news conference in Cape Town, South Africa
on Tuesday. Kami also happens to be HIV-positive. The producers of South
Africa's version of Sesame Street unveiled the
world's first Muppet infected with the virus that causes AIDS."
Just wait, the word will come out that he's a queen.. And don't you like it
how it's phrased in the caption.. 'Kami also happens to be HIV-Positive'.. Of
course.. it's not his fault, and maybe it isn't.. but then again, why was he
born then?... And they spend Billions on AIDS
prevention. Get a fucking vasectomy.

*The Return to Glory, an excellent game was missed by all not present in the
famed Notre Dame Stadium.. and Yes, let the Haters return.. Just as U2 became
famous.. and as it is imminent that critics will begin to hate what is good in
Music.. In time.. When ND has taken 3/4 National
Championships... All will hate that is pure, blessed by God, and Good in
College Football. And yes, contrary to popular Belief, those who attended
Georgetown and Boston College, are indeed Inferior.

*Allow me to insert an article on Augusta National and Lou Holtz, who was
recently invited to become a member at Augusta National.

"Posted on Thu, Sep. 19, 2002

Holtz lacks the backbone to say no to Augusta
Golf club's refusal to invite women members sends wrong message
Knight Ridder Newspapers
You can't just join the Augusta National Golf Club. You must be asked.
But you can't ask to be asked. Or you'll never be asked.

There is no waiting list, no application process. You either get a
letter in the mail or you don't.

If you do, you can join for that year. If you don't, you're out, even if
you were a member last year. No one knows how you get chosen. No one knows how
you get dropped. And no one explains.

Since Augusta opened 70 years ago, no woman has been asked to join. But
Lou Holtz has.

Lou Holtz is not a woman. Lou Holtz is the former Notre Dame football
coach who now helms the team at the University of South Carolina.

Lou likes to golf. He likes nice golf courses. So joining Augusta would
normally be a no-brainer.

Except that Holtz has worked most of his life for universities that
celebrate inclusion, universities that do not tolerate discrimination. In
fact, the schools where Lou has worked proudly wave the flag of Title IX, a
law that ensures female athletes get the same
priority as male athletes.

That's not how it works at Augusta. Which means Lou has a little

Legally, Holtz is under no obligation to turn down the invitation --
just as, legally, Augusta is under no obligation to admit a woman.

But the brouhaha over Augusta and the Masters and the struggle between
its chairman, Hootie Johnson, and a women's rights advocate, Martha Burk, to
allow even one female member is not about legality. It's about appearances.
It's about principles. It's about the message you

When the world's best golfers come to Augusta every April, they are
paying homage to a club that stubbornly defends its right to exclude females.
And when a TV network covers the Masters and breathlessly whispers about the
"hallowed ground of Amen Corner," it, too, is
celebrating an exclusionary place.

And when a lifelong college coach joins Augusta, he is essentially
saying, "I may work for schools that stress equality, but when it comes to my
golf, I'll join a place that stresses separatism."

The point isn't legal. The point is, maybe that's not the kind of image
you want to project.

"I am honored and flattered to have been asked to join Augusta," Holtz
said last week. "It's a great course with great people."

Sure. What else can he say? Anything less, and they may take back his
invitation letter.

If Holtz had any backbone, he'd be saying this: "Much as I love golf, as
a college coach, and therefore, in a certain way, an instructor of young
minds, I shouldn't be joining a club that excludes people due to their gender.
They may have the right to do it. But the Ku Klux Klan
has the right to assemble. That doesn't mean I have to pull on a hood."

Of course, Holtz won't do that. He wants in. Hobnobbing with Augusta's
captains of industry will get him far better connections than hanging with the
unshaven civil rights group down in the student lounge.

But here's what makes me laugh about the Augusta controversy. When its
defenders scream "We have the right to have an all-men's club!" all you have
to do is take the conversation one line further: OK. You have the right. Now.
Why do you want an all-men's club?

"Because ... uh ... because ... "

Because what? Because you want to make bawdy jokes? Because you want to
prance around naked? Because girls ruin the fun?

No one can come up with a single reason that doesn't sound stupid or
Neanderthal. If that's the kind of club you want to join, be my guest.
Personally, "stupid" and "Neanderthal" are words I can do without on my
calling card.

How about you, Lou?

Mitch Albom"

Mr. Albom.. Have you not heard of private property rights.. Where's
Morrie to slap you over the head with his walking stick and introspective

*One more thing.. Why is it that people of mixed descent, that includes african american and caucasian or European American.. Why are they so quick to proclaim themselves as 'BlacK'?.. and not of mixed descent, or by virtue of the same flawed logic... White?... Maybe they just want to have an easier time getting into college or a job, but please.. and I'm sure this offends you U2Bama along with Tiger Woods dropping a duece on the Ryder Cup, but isn't it racist for them to discriminate on their background.. choosing one over the other?.. You've gotta love the hypocrisy.

"When People Feel Uncertain, they'd rather have somebody who is Strong and Wrong than somebody who is Weak and Right."

--Bill Clinton
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My prediction is that you will have finally succeeded in getting this thread put out of its misery.

I told you last year that Tyrone Willingham would be a good coach for Notre Dame, and you didn't believe.

Oh, and congratulations on The Tarnished Dome finally scoring an offensive touchdown.

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Old 10-11-2002, 10:13 AM   #232
I'm a chauvinist leprechaun
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Congratulations to your valient performance against Oklahoma.. And sadly, valient is all it was.

The Return to Glory is in full swing.

ND 31 Pitt 10.

L. Unplugged
"When People Feel Uncertain, they'd rather have somebody who is Strong and Wrong than somebody who is Weak and Right."

--Bill Clinton
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I'm a chauvinist leprechaun
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Well, It's been a little while since I've last talked to you, It's nice to see many of my fellow bretheren banned or weary of dealing with the gigantic mouthfuls of shit... Dreadsox.. I dedicate this post to you.

* It was nice to see that the prophecy of 'Someone to Blame' that Bush's approval ratings would continue to plummet, and the Liberals would sweep the 2002 election came true with a Flurry of Exuberance... Nice one there bro.. It was a good thought.

* Bono's been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.. An honor indeed, unfortunately the best thing he can do with this is to turn it down, as last year's bestowment of this prestigious award has been revealed to be the joke it is.... I refer you to the North Korea Situation.. Wasn't Jimmy Carter hailed and proclaimed as the Bearer of peace in this spot of land that is one of Earths Many PortoJohns?.. And that's just the beginning, Aside from his Globe Trotting Jaunts spouting Anti American sentiments.. (Excuse me.. Anti Bush, Anti Conservative Power sentiments), let's take a look back into the past. No one reached out or got on their knees more for the communist leaders than Jimmy Carter... Did that get the West an end to the Cold War?... Did that stop Brezhnev from trying to spread Communism globally?.. Of course not, Carter's Peace at all costs, and absolute fear of using Military Force paved the way for the aggressive Communist Action around the globe in the late 70's. Nobel Peace Prize indeed... Turn it down Bono, The last thing I want to see is you become a joke in the global community.

* But it's all a moot point.. Wishful thinking, What are the odds into what will be discovered when Saddam is overthrown and the actions of this asshole are revealed?.. That he was squeaky clean.. a model 'Republican Leader'?.. The great man who passed 'legislation' banning any use of WMD by Iraq?.. I wouldn't put my money on that, I'd bet that the WMD of program is further along than any of us would imagine.. The Nuclear program is eerily close to completion, the Records of Rapes of Women in the Town Centers, Murders of Civilians to set examples, will be a shock to the world, AND THEN.. AND THEN.. G. W. Bush will be acknowledged as the revolutionary that he is in this region, liberating the Iraqi people, and there will be no one more worthy for the Nobel Peace Prize than Himself.

*Why aren't people protesting Saddam's Murderous Regime?

*Governor of New Mexico Bill Richards, a democrat is endorsing Tax Cuts to promote growth.. The very same tax cuts that Bush supports, the Very same tax cuts that, while giving tax relief on an equitable percentage basis to EVERYONE, Liberals claim is only for the rich.. (On a side note, the top 50% of tax payers pay 96% of the TAxes in America). I'm awaiting the slams and critique of this man by Liberals around the globe.. But then again.. Word is no one cares.. In fact, I don't think I could find a registered US citizen living there.

*Personally I can't imagine my life without Ephedrin... AND I'm not even fat.

*Did I hear the Rev. Jesse Jackson correctly in his statements concerning the Chicago Club Disaster?.. Did he actually blame George W. Bush and his focus on Terrorism for the 21 dead individuals?.. Maybe it's the fumes from the diapers of his Bastard Children, but It appears that our revered Civil Rights Ass Clown has a little bit of Crow on his face.

* Rev. Jackson has also blamed the Chicago Agencies for not 'Making Sure' E2 was closed.. Apparently he thinks nothing of an Individual's Responsibility to Respect the Law.. If I may segway to Iraq for a minute.. Iraq has violated the 1991 resolutions countless times, and already violated the UN 1441 resolution.. Why is there such an absence of logistical thoughtlines that If you Break the Law... A La Noncompliance.. You get punished.. Is that so hard to understand?

*''Well, here's my problem with pro sports today, Guys are complaining about making $6 million instead of $7 million, and what is their job?
Playing a damned game. You know what I made last year? I made $14,000.
They pay me $14,000, and you know what my job description is?
I'm paid to take a bullet.''
-a US Marine, Aviation Land Support Squad 39

* What is the purpose of Smirnoff Triple Black?.. It is no more stronger in alcohol content... It has the same Base Taste of Red Smirnoff ICE, and it costs the same?

* What is the purpose of Red Smirnoff Ice?.. It has the same alcohol content of Triple Black.. Supposedly tastes 'Less Refined', costs the same as Triple Black?.. Why would anyone, when faced with a better alternative, purposely punish themselves as they drink themselves into bolivion? That's why I drink Makers Mark.

* I hope none of you 'partook' in the Great Guinness Toast.. Nothing like trying to be Irish soo hard that you become an absolute tool.

* Why would I put my protection, my security in the hands of the UN?.. An organization only out to nullify the power of America, cannot protect Rwanda and Somalia?.. What makes me think that they can allow me to sleep soundly at night?.. That's an inherently irresponsible thought. I'll stick with G.W. if you don't mind.

*Mike Tyson has a Broken Back?.. Perhaps Bolivion is a little further off than we imagined.

* Forget W's Tax Cut plan.. Have any of you actually looked into what the Liberals proposed?

*One can only be confused as to why it is only Germany and France are the 'Staunch' Opponents against War in Iraq?... There are many postulates out there explaining this phenomenon, but let me add these..
1. France Sold Saddam 'Nucular' Technology
2. Germany has provided WMD to Iraq.

* One more thing... America isn't interested in Iraqi Oil Money.. otherwise they would lift sanctions tomorrow. France however, salivates at the prospect of Iraqi Oil Money. They are already involved in Food for Oil Contracts with Hussein, and there is nothing more appetizing to France than 'Peace for Oil'.

* Dreadsox.. I applaud your open mind to other points of view, However, keep in mind that many of the views expressed here are what is wrong with the world.

* People still bitch about GW being the 'Selected' President rather than the 'Elected' President. It's nice to know that these degenerates have nothing to make them happy in life that they are stuck two years in the past. A Mandate you ask?.. How about W's continuously High Approval Ratings.. Or better yet, The Apparent Statement made by American Voters in the 2002 elections with the Republican Ass Lashing of Liberals.

* I am enjoying the liberals who are now shitting on W. for playing the 'Race Card'... That's just too easy.

* Bill Maher's a Bombastic Ass.

* What gives Martin Sheen the moxy to think he actually is President?.. His Plummeting ratings?.. A little Secret.. Rob Lowe was the Star of that show.

* CBS doesnt' want to hear anyof Jeanane Garofolo's Vomit during the Grammies, and only wants to see Sheryl Crowe in Tight Clothes. Fine by me. Aren't these networks supposed to be Liberal Propaganda Machines?.. Interesting indeed.

* A quote from Donna Brazile, a black Democrat woman who recently pulled out of her presidential bid attempt.... "I can talk to Democrats, but when I talk to republicans, I LEARN alot more." It's a shame only one person was present to hear it.

*Sheryl Crow says, "If we can't turn to our artists, who can we look to?".. Personally, I don't really care what a celebrity, who has become rich beyond all imagination in America, finds deep within their heart disturbing about this country... again.. In which they continue to live, and have become Rich beyond all Imagination. Sheryl should be grateful that she's hot, as I can't even think of another reason why I bought her most recent album. However, If America is so terrible, please, feel free to join the human shield, PErforming 'Soak Up The Sun' under Burka-Fez combo. And Chris Martin?.. Well.. at least his new album is good.

* Bono... Get a damn album out.. So I can enjoy the Grammies once again.

*The WNBA... From 'We Got Next'.. to 'This is What I Am'.. Does anyone that is not a homo really care?.. Though I'll watch Sue Bird ball anyday.

* U2Bama.. I send my regrets for the absolute tanking of a season by the Crimson Tide basketball team.

* Silly Brits.. The UK Royalty is encouraging under 16's to experiment in Oral Sex... Sources Close to the Queen have leaked, 'WE, however, do not endorse the Insulting American policy of Spitting'. Hence born.. The Royal Blowjob.

Enjoying an elite Partagas 150th...
I remain,

Mr. Pink
"When People Feel Uncertain, they'd rather have somebody who is Strong and Wrong than somebody who is Weak and Right."

--Bill Clinton
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oh how wonderful, the worst thread of all time has managed to surface yet again thanks to its obsessive author.
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omg it's back.
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this gives me a brilliantly horrible idea...
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what, to close the thread?

Maybe if we all swear a few times and call each other some names it'll happen.
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Originally Posted by Tyagu_Anaykus View Post
Interference is my Earth.
Originally Posted by gvox View Post
Consequently, Earth is an experimental disaster.

If you keep going, you have only your self to blame


Originally Posted by The Best Interferencer On The Damn Planet View Post
too sexy for his amp
too sexy for his cap
too sexy for that god-damned headset
I told you

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great idea!

gab, your ugly as sin and i think your physically undesirable to ladies.

as for your carachter and personality, well thats completely shitty too.

your an all-around terrible person.

please, feel free to express your negative thoughts on me, except sound more convincing. lay it on thick.
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three more complaints and i spose i will consider closing it.

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