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Originally posted by Gickies Gageeze

right, exactly how many of them?
Exactly how many of them are opposed?

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meeganie, think about that for a second. do you really believe they want any old organization using the "holocaust" label for anything other than the actual holocaust itself? and this isnt even about humans, this is about animals.

and yes, if your asking me there is a big difference between the two.

and because i have not asked every single jew in the world to make my arguement conclusive, i think the majority of us "gentiles" have stated how rediculous this campaign is, so surely theyd feel the same way.

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I love my cats more than anything in the world, my two little fat dumplings are my best friends, but there is line you have to draw. Comparing animal cruelty to the holocaust is disturbing and ludicrous. Also, comments PETA made to Arafat asking him not to use animals in suicide bombings, What? It's OK to use humans?

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Originally posted by Gickies Gageeze
meeganie, think about that for a second. do you really believe they want any old organization using the "holocaust" label for anything other than the actual holocaust itself
The word holocaust is in no way exclusive to the horrors that were executed on Jews in WW2. If you say Holocaust, capital "H", then people generally associate it with that.

But otherwise, 'holocaust' is used in a number of different ways. For example 'nuclear holocaust'.
In my opinion using the word to describe other horrific genoicides does not diminish the tragedy of the Jewish Holocaust.

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