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Frankly I find the United Nations to be a joke, and anything resembling off shoot organizations, like the ICC.. Kyoto.... However I doubt that any measure of this sort needs to be passed due to the botched abortions we have roaming around our country pissing and moaning so much that we can't even approach the unlawful combatants in Camp X-Ray to 'sit and discuss' just how much they want to slit each and every one of our throats.


"When People Feel Uncertain, they'd rather have somebody who is Strong and Wrong than somebody who is Weak and Right."

--Bill Clinton
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we can't even approach the unlawful combatants in Camp X-Ray to 'sit and discuss' just how much they want to slit each and every one of our throats.

That is SUCH a malicious lie about the detainees in Camp X-Ray.

Some of them just want to ram airplanes into our office buildings.

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The Fly
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Originally posted by z edge

Simply put, my faith tells me that God loves us all no matter what we do. Therefore I do not see God as nodding in approval at torture. God is all-knowing however, and knows of the evils created by the terrorists to their own people and abroad. Had we done our job in 1993, 96, 98, and 2000-to include the capture and torture of these bastards then maybe we could have prevented 911.
9/11 could have been prevented quite easily by listening to the dozens of warnings from intelligence agencies around the world. Even if they were unsure that the warnings were reliable, you'd think that even the hint of an attack like that would have the nation on its guard, with fighters patrolling NYC, and extra tight security on planes... but nope.
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Honestly? I do not pretend to think that I even have an answer to this thread. I just posted it to see what you all thought, and, honestly, I agree with both sides here.

I do picture myself in Bush's position, and I cannot help but realize that parts of me would have retaliated far more violently...and that I find myself criticizing Bush, Sr. for doing a half assed job with Iraq in 1991, opening the doors for plenty of retaliation.

Just thoughts...thanks to everyone for responding.


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