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Originally posted by anitram
It is not the pharmacist's job to determine your course of treatment. This is the job of your physician and once you have been given a prescription by an MD, I don't give a rat's ass about the religious sensibilities of the pharmacist. They knew what their job would consist of and chose to pursue a career in this field. So, tough.

Furthermore, many of these medications, specifically the birth control pill, have uses beyond the obvious contraception. They are used to treat hormonal imbalances, acne and other dermatological issues, migraines, even depression. It is not within the scope of the pharmacist's job to refuse service based on what he thinks you are using it for. For all he knows you're a fundamentalist virgin with low estrogen and need the pill.

I'm so sick of the society catering to a small segment of people who have blatant disregard for 99% of us. We are expected to bend over backwards and ask them, "Sir, would you like some more?" while they shit all over us. Enough is enough.


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Originally posted by Se7en
i don't know irvine. jesus healed a blind guy AND resurrected a dude that was DEAD without so much as even using an acetomeniphine gelcap. far be it from me to go against god's will.
...and in doing so violated the religious laws of his day (which may or may not have anything to do with this subject--probably not).

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Women sue Wal-Mart over access to emergency contraception
By Brooke Donald, Associated Press Writer | February 1, 2006

BOSTON --Three Massachusetts women backed by pro-abortion rights groups sued Wal-Mart on Wednesday, saying the retail giant violated state law by failing to stock emergency contraception pills in its pharmacies.

The suit filed in Suffolk Superior Court seeks a court order compelling Wal-Mart to stock the so-called "morning after pill," in its 44 Massachusetts pharmacies.

"Wal-Mart apparently thinks it is above the law," said Sam Perkins, a lawyer for the three plaintiffs.

A new state law that took effect late last year following heated debate on Beacon Hill requires all hospitals to provide the morning-after pill to rape victims. It also allows pharmacists to dispense the pill without a prescription, but does not require it.

Instead, the suit, backed by Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts and Jane Doe Inc., argues Wal-Mart is violating a provision of the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Law that requires pharmacies to provide all "commonly prescribed medicines."

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Boston Legal covered the topic last night of a Catholic hospital refusing to give the morning after pill to a teenage rape victim, I thought it was very well done.

State: Wal-Mart must carry emergency contraception

(CNN) -- Wal-Mart pharmacies in Massachusetts must carry emergency contraception pills, the state's pharmacy board has ruled.

The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Pharmacy on Tuesday ruled in favor of three women who filed complaints claiming that the stores refused to fill their prescriptions.

Julie Battel, Katrina McCarty and Rebekah Gee filed suit against the company earlier this month. (Full story)

Wal-Mart has until Thursday to comply with the ruling.

The drug, which is commonly referred to as the "morning after pill," or "Plan B," must be taken 72 hours after sex to prevent pregnancy.

Wal-Mart currently only carries the pill at its Illinois stores, where it is required under state regulations.

Wal-Mart spokesman Dan Fogelman said the company plans to comply with the board's ruling.

Asked why the pharmacy only carries the pill in one state, Fogelman said that it was purely a "business decision" for Wal-Mart, based on its assessment that demand for the product was not very high.

He added, that women's health was a high priority for Wal-Mart stores, and there are broader considerations.

"We are are giving the issue a lot of thought," Fogelman said

The board wrote a letter to Wal-Mart's lawyers informing them of their decision, and requiring the company to stock and disperse emergency contraception when presented with prescriptions, according to board spokeswoman Donna Rheaume
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I watch BL, too.

They seem to pick current topics.

There seems to be a lot of bad information based on non-science to support erroneous religious beliefs for public policy.

One being the morning after pill.
and another embryonic stem cell research.

If people do not want to participate in these
then they should not.

If they want their views imposed on others by laws or public policy
then that is flat out wrong.

If a Muslim worked at a bookstore and refused to sell Salman Rushdie books

I would not call it a "choice of conscience".
I would call it a "choice to quit" his or her job.

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