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Originally posted by FizzingWhizzbees

damn those politically correct lefties! they're putting the safety of the country at risk!
That wasn't intended as a left/right comment. It is a reality we should be able to discuss.

We have a similar situation with border security. The same lack of security which Sharky describes exists on the US borders. However, to increase the focus on illegal border crossings draws a larger political mess.

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I'm sure my sisters in NYC are absolutely thrilled over the situation with the subways. At least they left Manhattan.

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January 26, 2005 -- Service on the A and C line subway will be fully restored within the next six to nine months - not the five years previously feared - with more trains expected to be back starting next week, officials said yesterday.
"We are going to do everything humanly possible to get service back," said Transit Authority president Larry Reuter.

Officials said the affected lines would be 80 percent restored in just three months

I, too, was baffled by this incident. The initial reports about this fire said that the C line could be shut down for as many as 5 years. I was shocked not that someone could get that close... someone can always get close to things, no matter how tight the security. That's just a fact of living in a free and open society. What shocked me was that there wasn't a quicker response. The fire started when a homeless man set some debris in a shopping cart on fire, in order to keep warm in the extreme cold that has gripped the new york area over the past few weeks. He wasn't in the room, he was just near the room. The fire got out of control and eventually spread to the relay boxes, destroying them. One would think there would be cameras watching these imporant rooms so that an incident like this couldn't happen. I mean... everyone knows there are homeless who live in the subway paths. If you believe some of the stories, there are people living down there who haven't been above ground in years. The system is SOOO big that it's impossiable to watch every corner. But these boxes need to be protected. And obviously you're not going to station an officer in the middle of the subway path. That's just silly. But at the very least, how about a few security cameras watching these things?

There is blame to be placed... blame for not thinking about it. I blame the MTA... not Bloomberg, Pataki or Bush. The MTA should know that these equipment rooms with the signal relays needed more protection. Every political type... be him a republican or a democrat talks about chemical attacks on the subway stations, trains, etc. They talk about bombs going into stations, etc. They keep talking about stations and trains because that's where the people are. And there have been improvements in those areas, both visable and hidden from the public eye. But obviously more needs to be done. Much more. The money was thrown out at terrorist acts of death, distruction and devestation... no thought was put into terrorist acts of inconvenience. That's what this fire is. It's an inconvenience. No one died. No one is going to die. It's an extreme annoyance for those who take the line every day, and it is something that if done on a greater scale, i.e. all the relay boxes taken out for ALL the subway lines, could cripple new york's mass transit system. They need to address the situation, and they need to address it now. But let's not crucify the republicans for this. The democrats sure as shit weren't worried about relay boxes either. The people who deal with the system every day needed to bring up the need for protecting the relay boxes. They didn't. THEY are to blame. Fuck the MTA.

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