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Originally posted by ThatGuy
Every employer has codes of conduct, dress codes, etc. This is really just an extension of that. If it's in the employee's contract, and the employee signs it to agree to live by it, then it's only the employee's fault if they are terminated for a violation of that contract.

I am onviously not a lawyer, but I imagine that if an employer goes to court to enforce that contract he could argue that the employee waived their rights when they signed the contract.
That's the thing. It never was in the contract at all. Unfair dismissal.

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I'm glad to have been taken within context, though it is true that years living in Islamic country has not made me more tolerant, it has made me less. That is unfortunate.

It is true that the Jewish kosher laws are particularly strict, I myself have a Jewish friend, and, when I hold a dinner, I make it my goal to cook meals in different ovens, because the slightest oil or fat or even the fumes of pork should not taint what is going to be eaten by him. It is troublesome, and I daresay irritating, and I was quite annoyed when he started up a stink when he was asked to take his hat off at the Sacre Coeur in Paris, but I respect that tradition. However, I don't think pig fat is going to course out of her and splash onto her office documents at work. If they can believe that, well then, its amazing that they own the business.

I find the whole thing ludicrous, personally, and more than a little irritating.


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Like I said, I tend to agree with you. I'd just like more of the story to come out before I completely pick a stance.

By the way, thanks for using the example of your friend. You clearly illustrated a point that I was trying to make about strict religous diets.
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Originally posted by DaveC

That's the thing. It never was in the contract at all. Unfair dismissal.
I know. I said as much upthread.

Originally posted by ThatGuy

It's interesting, though. Clearly she shouldn't have been fired, but I might feel differently if it had been written in her contract.

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