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The Fly
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Well, I don't think I was promoting social Darwinism. I just think that people need to start living up to the standards set, which only part of the population lives up to. All we need is a few bars to be raised and put the pressure on them............ unless that is social Darwinism, then you're right.

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Originally posted by Zooman91:
............ unless that is social Darwinism, then you're right.

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You dont learn shit in US schools. Especially not the ones in this state.
Its a waste of time, really. You learn how to hate and how to fear, and that is basically it.
Many of the most important things to know in life, and to know about people, the country, its problesms, and how to solve them/what needs to be done here...cannot be learned in most schools. They will not teach you, and you will not learn.
To really gain knowledge, you MUST go out in the world, OBSERVE people and the world around you, talk to others, listen, and think.
A formal education CAN be a wonderful thing if youre fortunate enough to be able to get it, but LIVING is even more important.

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