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Originally posted by deep
How I regret the three hours I spent teaching you how to post pictures.

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Originally posted by FizzingWhizzbees
Using your illustration though, while I agree that adultery can cause tremendous harm to a great number of people, how could it be the responsibility of government to stop adultery? Firstly it's just not possible! Secondly, I think it's something which an individual family should deal with in whatever way they see fit, there can't be a prescribed 'one-size-fits-all' solution to it.
Well, I think BonoVoxSupastar, you and I all agree this is a difficult thing to measure and control. We make prostitution illegal, though it is not possible to stop it, and may be more of a societal problem than a governmental problem. Still, it is illegal.

If we really have a right of privacy (beyond the right to close the drapes on our windows), how far can we take this in our behavior? What other laws should be stricken based on this right, even when it is difficult to measure the harm caused by the activity? Consipracy is nothing more than planning in private. Yet, it is a separate crime.

The idea of the right to privacy is very attractive, but nearly impossible to clearly define.

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One would almost have to start from scratch. There are so many laws that border on this. My personal belief is that everyone should have absolut privacy if what they are doing is between consenting adults and harms no one physically. This would mean there would be a lot of things that are legal that I don't personally agree or believe in, but if it hurts no one, then why not. It's the same with free speech, I may not believe in it, but I believe in them being allowed to say it. This opens a whole new can of worms, maybe another topic for another day. But yes it's an issue with a lot of grey.
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A big ol' can of worms indeed. Even the concept of "harms no one physically" is hard to define, as verbal and psychological abuse can manifest itself physically.

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