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Mount Kilimanjaro without snow

Mount Kilimanjaro without snow
From correspondents in London
MOUNT Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, has been photographed stripped of its millennia-old snow and glacier peak for the first time, in a move used by environmentalists to show the perils of global warming.

The picture is the first time anyone has caught the Tanzanian mountain's dramatic change, according to the Climate Change group which led a project to document the effects of global warming across the world.

The launch of the photo project NorthSouthEastWest coincides with a meeting of environment and energy ministers from 20 countries at a British-sponsored conference on climate change that opened today in London.

It also comes ahead of a further meeting of G8 ministers in Derbyshire, north England, later in the week.

Mount Kilimanjaro's crowning snow and glaciers are melting and likely to disappear completely by 2020, triggering major disruptions to ecosystems on the dry African plains that spread out at its feet below, scientists have warned.

The forests on Kilimanjaro's lower slopers absorb moisture from the cloud top hovering near the peak, and in turn nourish flora and fauna below.

"Rising temperatures threaten not only the ice-cap, but also this essential natural process," Climate Change warned.

The mountain, one of Africa's most stunning landscapes, was memorialised in Ernest Hemingway's 1938 short story The Snows of Kilimanjaro.

The story, and the 1952 film which followed, has brought tens of thousands of visitors to Tanzania for decades.

The loss of snows on the 5,892m peak, which have been there for about 11,700 years, could have disastrous effects on the Tanzanian economy, US researchers warned in a 2001 Science article warning about the melting.

The NorthSouthEastWest project also includes images from Magnum agency photographers of 10 "climate hotspots" including the Marshall Islands and Greenland, as well as Kilimanjaro, showing "the most dramatic examples of the impact of global warming", Climate Change's Denise Meredith said today.

The printed collection of the photos is being given to the environment and energy ministers gathered in London and will be distributed at the G8 meeting.

The photos are on exhibit through May 15 at London's Science Museum. The British Council will also tour the exhibition in 100 cities in 60 countries in 2004 and 2005, Climate Change said.

When are we ever going to learn?

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Sorry, haven't been able to find a picture yet... working on it...

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Considering the Science article published in 2002 about holocene variations in the Kilimanjaro Ice Cap was specific about the rapid rate of melting recently I think that it deserves attention. One report showed that logging beneath the mountain was warming the glaciers accelerating the problem. A man made problem to be sure but one of local climate versus global warming. The answer probably is a combination of different factors.
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Whether it is a local climate issue or one of global warming is insignificant really. How many more indicators do we need that this earth and its inhabitants must work in balance?
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what? I was there less than two months ago and it was covered in snow....

I can't imagine it w/o the snowcap
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