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The Fly
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We've seen 'em. Be it Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers or the Boogeyman under

But how bout when monsters are the neighbor? The person who is all smiles
and friendly with the 10 year old who just happens to be the child you call
your own.

There's a monster sitting in jail, convicted of child pornography. His
victims are numerous and as a result, the monster ain't coming back anytime
soon in person.

There is no stopping the re posting the photos he took. Be it lawmen trying
to lure pedophiles or worse, other pedophiles making a buck off the almost
soul destroying tactics the monster in jail started.

I refer to Peter LaPlante. He's in jail and to quote a victims mother, "I
hope someone uses a broomstick where it is needed most."

I feel sort of sorry for LaPlantes daughter, I do hope that she is safe
elsewhere and probably has another name by now.

Today, at the Cape Cod Mall, myself, my wife and our friend we sat and had a
late lunch.

Monsters do come back. I know LaPlante is in jail yet who was this older man
who looked quite like him who's eyes kept darting our way today? I homed in
on the guy as if my eyes were the bead and my fists were the bullets yet I
stayed in my seat. Indeed, monsters do come back and that older man, he kept
on walking towards Best Buy. Our friend smiled, a smile of higher power at
work, the serenity from personal disaster.

I'm not one to be a child in the internet age but I do know what it means to
be photographed and not wanting to be as well. Stars run into this problem
all the time. Yet, today's child, the child who is fast to learn yet do to
the advent of the internet and lack of tracking back to the source of
infection, those photos last forever.

Monster indeed do come back.

Over a week ago, our friend was here and we spoke of trying to make a buck
off the efforts of Monster LaPlante. How do go about it all though. If you
go to a binary area and are expecting to see photos of cars but end up
seeing a photo of the kid next door, what do you do?
To have access of said photos and videos, in hand is one thing and very
traumatic yet, to earn a buck to bolster the efforts of financial support
for the victim, is it worth it to defeat a monster? I think so yet where do
we draw the legal line? Difficult times for a perverse situation made by a
monster. Pedophiles are wise and anonymous surfing is a norm for those who
care to and you and I both know a credit card from somewhere out of China
that has ten to twelve different routes and account names is not that hard
to do especially with a high traffic and huge boon of business perversity
is. Add to the fact that some countries have little or no law against said

Monsters indeed do come back. I read not to long ago that viruses were being
introduced to the coding of jpgs, a jpg being what you will usually find as
a photo on the internet. It really isn't that new news, it's been around
since 1996. Is it worth it? Homing beacon is a worthy objective and with
today's advents of being able to search a persons hard drive via Google, it
could be the tool we need yet I know and you know, it's easily thwarted.

To those who are privy to going through computers like biting through fresh
bread, the technology ought to be kept top secret yet there are not enough
hands on board. So swiftly the killer of a mother to be in Kansas was found.
The baby, named Victoria for the college student of Emerson College who
lost her life last year, that baby was ripped out of her moms womb.
It takes a monster to end a monster. Technology does exist yet, how far must
the average Jane or Joe lag behind?

Monsters do come back.

See illustrations at the "Monsters" page.

W. K. Mahler Webmaster,
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