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Originally posted by u2bonogirl
Im just wondering what the point of marrying somebody is if you think either one of you are going to cheat?
Whats the point of promising something that you dont think you can keep?
Why not just live together domestically until you get bored enough with one another, or trapped, or whatever, and move on to the next person?

Personally, if my husband cheated on me, it wouldnt be a deal breaker. It would be a big gigantic red fucking flag but it wouldnt break it for me. When I promised to stay by his side until death do us part I meant it.
I respect that, but I'm curious how far you'd let it go. If he did it a second time, would you still stay with him? How about a 3rd time?

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In all reality, I never would have married someone who could treat me that way.
So since that wont ever happen, I really cant answer that question.
If I thought it was in his nature to consciously hurt me like that, and devastate our marriage our marriage never would have happened.
I'm saying that if he ever did cheat on me I wouldnt give up. But I cant fathom him ever doing that to me

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Well, I've dated a couple of people and been cheated on a few times although I only found out after the relationship was over. The truth is that what really hurts is the situation where someone you would never expect to cheat, cheats. I think that it is often a sign of something wrong and unfortunately for my friend who was with a guy we all thought of as the perfect man (and their relationship as the one we all wanted) they got married after being together thirteen years and then he met someone else and had an affair for a year and a half until he had completely worked out that he was no longer in love with my friend and then he just didn't come home. And yet he was a great guy before that! 80's may be right in that there was some weakness in his character that caused that to happen, but it doesn't change the situation. Unfortunately there are no guarantees that someone will remain faithful to you, which is what I think Kate was trying to say, you can't worry about it, because you can't control it. On the other hand I have met people who truly cannot be faithful, but if you want to marry them and can accept it (or are willing to try to accept it) that's a realistic choice to me.

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