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Old 02-05-2002, 09:05 AM   #91
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Again, I don't HAVE to go to Elvis and complain; I can remove Melon myself.

The fact is, melon has consistently misrepresented what I say - DESPITE the fact that I've tried to reason with him on this. This isn't viewpoint vs. viewpoint; this is a matter of the simple courtesy to make a concerted effort to portray someone else's views accurately. Melon has NOT made that effort.

The fact is, because of that, I've twice tried to "agree to disagree", to NOT debate with him if he did the same. Melon was the one to break that agreement TWICE.

I don't have to have some sort of consensus to remove people from this board (and I will remind you that I VERY RARELY remove people, and usually give them an opportunity to redeem themselves, as I believe I did with melon).

I can remove him on my own, in an instant, and I haven't. That should count for something.

One thing, though:

You resort to the name calling and then when questioned reply in that much loved condescending manner. If you take note again, you will see Bubba just how many people, who may actually agree with your political viewpoint, are still in disagreeance with your method of dealing and speaking with the members of this board.

A person who posts a link to the EXACT SAME thread that the person is on cannot really say a whole lot about being condescending.

I too would love to see us "agree to disagree". Again, I have tried TWICE to agree to simply ignore each other. TWICE melon broke that agreement, and I have simply become tired of playing nice.

In one way, all this is is an offer to agree to disagree. If melon can leave me alone (and I will certainly do the same), there will be no problems.

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Old 02-05-2002, 09:12 AM   #92
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Further, while this is a case of one person harassing just one other person (and not the entire forum), this problem has gone on long enough to justify this promise of punishment if it continues.

If this happened between two others, and I found out about it, I would extend that threat there too: honestly, I would probably just suspend the account of the one who's harassing the other, no questions asked.

To suggest that I wouldn't is dishonest.

To suggest that I shouldn't use the same authority to defend myself is ridiculous.

And to suggest that this is somehow a conflict of interest ignores the fact that I can (and usually do) get along with everyone else, despite their views.

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Originally posted by Spiral_Staircase:
This is all Enron's fault!
Initially, YES, but the nuclear holocaust it has turned into of late is all my fault for pointing out melon's Sybil complex. This affirms my desire to retire.

Oh, and Lemonite, you are WRONG about Bryant vs. Rockne.



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