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R.I.P. Terri


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RIP Terri.

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RIP Terri...
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You are finally at peace Terri.
Into the heart of a child...
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She is free now, and she is with the Lord, which is the best possible place to be.

May she rest in peace.
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Free at last...

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God bless her.
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Originally posted by Teta040
All I know is....Terri is one strong individual. When she finally departs this earth, and is finally granted peace, she will shine the brighter in Heaven for all her sufferings.

She is like Andersen's Little Mermaid, whose spirit ascended from the foam and kissed both the Prince who had betrayed her and his new bride, which she had hoped to be, and forgave all. The "daughters of the air" are waiting to take her away. (Don't know what I'm talking about? Find a copy of the origional fairy tale, the REAL version, which Disney massacred. You will weep through the last 5 pages.)

A silent, smiling, small army of angels is hovering over the bed and around that hospice, waiting, waiting, to take her and lead her up and away to her Heavenly reward. They will say, Be at peace. Your suffering is over, you are in grace. Let all the murmering cease, let this be your eternal release. And she will ascend, away and above all the the lamentations and the sorrows of this divided Earth, with nothing but a gentle smile for all of us left in this Vale of Tears. She will pass through the Light and the Grey Rain Curtain will be turned back, and she will hear a sweet singing coming over the water. (Tolkien's words, that last, not mine.) And when she stands before the Throne, young and beautiful again, I have no doubt that the Master Himself might even descend and envelop her in His arms. And He will say: "Welcome Home at last. It is not for you to right the wrongs. It is not for you, to fault them. Here is your rest. Be at peace."
What a beautiful analogy. Don't let anyone make you feel silly for writing it
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Yeah, that was quite an interesting post, Teta-very beautiful images and everything. If heaven does indeed turn out to be like that, with music and all that good'd be quite the place to go when all is said and done.

Anywho, rest in peace, Terri . And I do extend condolances to her family and friends, too.
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Old 03-31-2005, 02:37 PM   #40
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Beautiful post, teta, I like it very much. Yeah, I imagine that's what happened to Terri today.
*has idea for new picture*
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House Republican Leader Tom DeLay condemned the state and federal judges who refused to prolong her life, and he warned that lawmakers "will look at an arrogant and out-of-control judiciary that thumbs its nose at Congress and the president."
Funny. I tend to think we have an arrogant and out-of-control Republican majority.

I wish this had never become a political issue. Terri was never the first and nor will she be the last person to be unhooked from a feeding tube. This was an especially awful media circus, and the parasitic politicians, as usual, came to feast.

I hope Terri can finally get the rest that she has long deserved.

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It is sad that she was known, and will remain known, not as an individual, but as a pawn in a very unsavory game. I glad that for her at least, it is finally over.
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RIP Terri.
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Originally posted by indra
It is sad that she was known, and will remain known, not as an individual, but as a pawn in a very unsavory game. I glad that for her at least, it is finally over.
I think this has to be the truest statement in this thread.
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Folks: I found the author of that book.

It's called "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn. copyright 2004. Go to and type in the title and it's right there...I HIGHLY suggest you read this. I thought it was going to be boring, but it REALLY knocked my socks off. I might even say it's a life-changing book. Randy's main theory is that Christians don't spend enough time thinking about what Heaven is going to be like because we've all been taught a certain thing about it and have this image about it and thus it seems to be a nice, but really boring place compared to our life here on earth. I mean, we'll feel the Rapture and all that, but it doeasn't fire us up. Well, he goes out out his way with allsorts of Scriptural evidece to say that it ISN'T going to be fact, hoe exciting it's going to be. Some of this stuff is quite surprising. ALl I can say is: it;s one of the VERY FEW "Christian"-themed books that I recommend to the most detatched layperson. It isn't like these flashy things these superstar "Left-BEhind" types are writing. He uses allsorts of quotes from polualr culture too.

And thanks for what I wrote about Terri. I stand by it. And I have no doubt it is now true.

What Tom DeLay said scares me to death. Does he really mean this in a general way, or is he tailoring his language to respond to the Legions of the Evangelical faithful, who were thwarted this time? If he is really serious, then God help this country. I tremble for our future. What is to become of us? When the very institutions that uphold this country are treated as if they are a miltary enemy to be conqured and vaquished? When all of this country is supposed to be under the total control of the more radical elelemts of one party, right down to the local courts, who will be strippe dof power..when the minority party in gov't is likewise stripped of its God, if they had their way, the Senate could look like the Roman Senate under Nero (Powerless).

Who will be our Cincinnatus? Polls show that two-thirds of the country was against the Feds meddling...hopefully they will pay more attention now to the effort to destroy the mechanisms by which minority parties have say in national affairs..the ongoing assault to the Founding Fathers'system of checks and balances.

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