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Rosa Parks, a simple woman who changed history


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Sleep tonight
And may your dreams
Be realized"

It simply amazes how one simple act by one single women could change the course of American history.
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this little lady will be remembered as a giant of American history.

thank you, Rosa.

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Hm, 92, a good age she's reached, and a very good thing she's reached in her life.
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Amazing woman. I had the pleasure of meeting her several years ago, and it left a great impression on me.
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What an awesome woman who gave so much of herself.

RIP Rosa
Into the heart of a child...
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Godspeed, Rosa Parks.

Truly an inspirational woman. I'm in awe of her.
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I did a benchmark project on her in elementary school. She definitely seemed like quite an amazing woman.

Rest in peace, Rosa Parks . My condolances to her family and friends.
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don't have time to read threAD RIGHT NOW BUT......

rosa parks......may you be walking & riding strong& happier in a better place with full equality.
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RIP Rosa, and thanks.
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Sister Rosa. A remarkable lady. Your body may be gone, but your spirit still lives on.
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the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement

So pleased to read that last night's show in Detroit was dedicated to her. "Sleep tonight and may your dreams be realized." Rosa Parks lives on.

The following words come from John Conyers, Detroit Congressmen, on the great Sister, Rosa Parks.


And she earned her title as Mother of the Civil Rights
Movement. There wasn't any question about that, because
out of the bus boycott came this young new minister
from Boston named Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., 26
years old. And that really not only sparked the 380-day
bus boycott that then led to a federal suit that struck
down desegregation, not only in the buses, but it was
interpreted to extend to all forms of desegregation, of
which there was plenty. And it wasn't all in the South.
There was desegregation in the North, as well.

So it was out of that turbulence and it was -- it was a
very violent era. I had just returned from Birmingham,
Alabama, and I was taken by the school in which
Reverend Shuttlesworth was beaten. He was protesting
segregation and he was severely beaten. He had to go to
the hospital. Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth, who
incidentally is one of the few last original members of
the Dr. King organization with Ralph Abernathy and
Andrew Young that came together to put the new Civil
Rights Movement on the map and to really get it moving
in all the directions that it eventually took, was
right there. And you're sort of stunned when you go by
a place in the city that's now so relatively quiet and
say, "Good night, that's where that incident took place."

And I can't help but marvel at the fact that Rosa Parks
essentially had a saint-like quality. And I use that
term advisedly, because she never raised her voice. She
was not an emotional person in terms of expressing
anger or rage or vindictiveness. But she was resolute.
And this was an unusual set of circumstances for a
person who, as the Movement went on and the successes
built up, she became more and more recognized as the
person who had, without probably intending to initiate
it, a resurrection of the Civil Rights Movement.
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Originally posted by sulawesigirl4
A true American hero. She won't be forgotten.
I agree.

Rest in peace Mrs Parks

And may your dreams be realized

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