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Jesus Online
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Originally posted by trevster2k

No, when I went to that school in Grade 5, I was a Christian I suppose, baptized United but not a church goer. Some of my classmates were Anglican and United too.

Early on, I saw nothing wrong with it but as I aged, (it was K-12 school), I took a step back and realized something was wrong. I listened to whatever music I wanted to but I did buy into their anti-abortion and some other things along the way. I was so young that I was really not aware of the big picture which is why now feel such disdain for this treatment and the Jesus Camp stuff.
Never being given the opportunity to question is probably the worst of this, in my view, for these kids. You come across as a very intelligent and open minded guy, and it's given that that it is remarkable considering where you grew up. I know a lot of these kids might do as you did when they enter adulthood, but how many wont? And how many will have to wait until adulthood to do precisely this? Why deny a growing mind the chance to look at any given subject from multiple angles? It's a right, not a privilege, to learn, and I absolutely think when you cut off perspectives you are doing a major disservice to a child's mind.

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Originally posted by Justin24
You might lapse because you may not have much joy for Jesus or true strong believe as they are? Just saying ok RHS.
Dude. Don't project your doubt on me. That's not cool.

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Haven't seen the film, but a large magazine article on the same group was published here in Sydney a couple of weekends ago. Stunning. Will definitely see this when I can.
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Jesus Camp

I was wondering what thoughts are on this documentary. I finally saw it and thought it was a great movie...but really terrifying. At the start, I wondered how the filmmakers would get access to these people, how they would be allowed to release video showing these people in such a scary and negative light. But the people in the film all consented and participated and saw themselves as radicals, were blunt about their goals to take over government.

that's a minute from the film and it's so obviously brainwashing, she's breaking these kids down to tears and then telling them their only option.

it's really frightening, on a small scale.
i'm wondering if we should be as frightened as it seems to imply for the future of our country.

i'm not one to judge and i have plenty of christian friends who aren't like "that" obviously. but how widespread is this kind of christianity? to anyone that's seen the film and actually has some experience with this, is it an extreme example, or is this general type of thing common among evangelicals?

It scares me and I'd like to convince myself they are a small minority, but seeing this documentary it's hard to.

If you havent seen it, you should. I'm sure plenty of people in this forum would find it fascinating. (and it's not at all an attack on christians, the opposing voices are mainly christians as well)
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I've seen many parts of this film and the peoblem I see with it is that it makes evangelical Christians all look like a bunch of brainwashed psychos. I grew up in an evangelical family and we're disgusted by the behavior of the people in that movie.

I've been a member of many evangelical churches and I've never seen anything that crazy. There's a reason most people who see this movie are shocked by the craziness of it all. It's not common, and it's NOT how evangelicals generally act.

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