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Old 07-07-2007, 03:30 PM   #91
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p.s. -- the author is still gay as a picnic basket

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An interesting counterargument to diamond's original posting:

Finding the Father, but Losing the Facts

by Wayne Besen

Charlene Cothran (Venus magazine) and Michael Glatze (Young Gay America magazine editor) were gay niche publishers who discovered that peddling fiction is much juicer (and potentially more profitable) than selling straight news on gay life.

The newly minted “ex-gay” stars tell us they have seen the light – unfortunately, it appears to be the spotlight – as they now parade themselves in the Christian media, pawning their terrific tales of transformation. Cothran and Glatze explain that they are simply offering a small snapshot of their new lives, but it sure seems like a full-blown photo shoot.

Interestingly, both Cothran and Glatze found God and renounced homosexuality shortly after they split up from what they once considered their spouses. In a sense, it seems like these break-ups caused nervous breakdowns where the embittered party tried to punish an “ex” by becoming ex-gay.

Cothran’s conversion occurred after she split up with her life-partner of ten years. The divorce hurt so badly that Cothran remained celibate for three years - hoping that they would eventually reconcile. When the relationship was finally on its deathbed, the former Venus publisher became born again. How convenient.

Meanwhile, Glatze moved from San Francisco to Halifax, Canada in 2004 with his partner to start a family, according to “Weird Nut Daily,” a right wing publication. His conversion happened after a pro-gay speech he delivered at Harvard in 2005 – meaning that that he and his husband likely split within months of his miraculous makeover.

Instead of checking out potential new dates, Cothran and Glatze simply checked out, found Jesus, and blamed their personal failures on homosexuality. Whereas most people handle getting dumped by drinking at the bar, those susceptible to the ex-gay myth simply drink the right wing Kool-Aid. They drown their pain in prayer and their sorrow in Scripture, while rationalizing that if they quit love, they will never hurt so badly again.

Unfortunately, the opposite of homosexuality is not heterosexuality for ex-gays – it is a lifetime of loneliness, despair and celibacy.

“I am physically attracted to the spirit of Christ right now,” Cothran said in an interview with the online website Clay Cane. “I would say after 29 years of walking in the sin of lesbianism that if the devil were going to try and tempt me that he's probably not going to send a football player, if you will, because that didn’t do it for me. You follow me?”

Yeah, we do follow you – you are a re-closeted lesbian who has given up sex, hardly an accomplishment or meriting a toxic appearance on Rev. Pat Robertson’s 700 Club.

Likewise, Glatze suggests that he isn’t having any luck with the opposite sex either. “Healing from the sins of the world will not happen in an instant, but, it will happen,” he said.

Actually, if ex-gay history is any indication, it won’t happen, and Glatze will be quite disillusioned when the promises of “healing” turn out to be an illusion.

Ironically, the new spokespeople can’t even agree on the nature of homosexuality. Glatze glibly dismisses the love of countless people as “lust-based.” Cothran, on the other hand, diverges from this viewpoint by saying that, “it's not all about sex. I say that in every interview heterosexuals have this view that it's all about sex, no, it's not.” (However, she does believe being gay is the work of the Devil)

Equally vacuous is the shallow reason Glatze offers for his homosexuality – suggesting he was gay because his parents died before he was 20. I happened to have had lunch with my parents this afternoon. Guess what, I’m still gay and so are many other people who grew up in traditional settings.

Glatze also condemns his life as a gay man because of “the darkest days of late-night parties, substance abuse.”

And, I suppose, gay people built all those meth labs dotting the Midwest. Part of right wing dogma holds that when a straight person snorts a line it is a personal sin. However, when a gay person does the exact same thing, it is a communal sin and part of a “lifestyle.”

Meanwhile, Cothran does not confine her newfound intolerance to the GLBT community.

“I know many Muslims, who were firm out what they believe, but got sick and was given six months…but faced death's door and suddenly they pushed that Muslim stuff to the side and said - what must I do to be saved!”

Yeah, right. We all know “many” Muslims facing mortality who turn to Jesus at the last moment. Where does Cothran hang out, the Muslim hospice? What is it about so-called ex-gays that when they find the Father, they lose the facts?

While Cothran and Glatze claim to be washing away their sins, it seems more like brainwashing or a deliberate attempt to strike out at those who hurt them. Whatever their true reasons – judging by the number of cameras following them around, I suspect that both already feel like they are in heaven.

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Originally posted by Irvine511
p.s. -- the author is still gay as a picnic basket
Now your stealing that from us, thanks a lot
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God is going to kick the arses of every conservative Christian who puts hurt and confused gay men through such torture. Well, I hope, anyway. The fair and just God I believe might exist, would, anyway. Shame on everyone who follows the original article's point.

And good work, diamond, for yet another shit-stir thread.
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An Anglican bishop in England recently blamed the recent floods in England on homosexuals more or less...what a loving individual he is
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^Was that caused by massive drooling?
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More from Michael:

To My Friends Who Are Trapped In Homosexuality
By Michael Glatze

Dear friend,

Thank you for your kind comments and keen observations regarding my story and my revelation about no longer being homosexual and now being heterosexual. I thank you for the time that you have spent in considering this issue, deeply, and with great passion. God loves you.

God is right there, within you, whether you like to see Him or not. Can you humble yourself to Him? It’s a really nice feeling. I know that, in some small way, you want to. We all do. We don’t like being separated from our Father; it makes us sad and lonely, forcing us to be angry, to act out, to get vulgar… well, I won’t go on; many of you have already demonstrated, on your blog comments, exactly what I’m talking about. ☺

God love you, Yes! He does! And, He wants you to be free from homosexuality. God made us men and women. Think about that; you could – really – be a man or a woman! Not a strange creature… but, real! That’s awesome… ☺

Change is very difficult and takes a lot of inner strength. Do you have that strength? I promise you that the Gay Identity does not exist, that it is a fabrication of mankind (look it up, if you don’t believe me), and that you are not “trapped” in same-sex-orientation. To believe that you are Gay is to be stupid. I’m sorry, if that sounds cruel; it’s not cruel. To believe that you are a false identity, created by man, unnaturally, to participate in social engineering, is to be stupid.

It’s not the acts, as much as it is the Identity. No one ever told you that, before, because they wanted to feed you with the lie that homosexuality is a set thing. Any intelligent “homosexual” knows there’s no fixed Gay Identity. If you don’t believe me, ask the theorists or “intellectuals.” ☺

Gay Identity has been packaged and fed to you, and – if you believe yourself to be “Gay” – you have eaten it, preventing you from further growth and understanding of your true and real self.

Coming out from under this packaged lie requires strong self-confidence and will and desire to know the Truth. Yes, Truth is capitalized. It is that way for a reason. There is only one Truth.

That one Truth is the fact that you are beautiful, perfect, and glorious, in the image of He who created you… God. There is only one God. I know it may be hard for you to get your head around the paradoxical nature of God… but, He is everywhere “out there” and – at the same time – right inside your soul. He sees and knows you. He loves you. ☺

He wants you to be free of homosexuality. I promise you that. He’s rooting for you; He knows you can do it. Remember, He loves you! He’s not judging you – those angry voices in your mind, planted there by Satan, might scream and judge and ridicule – but, no; He’s not judging you. He has patience. He’ll give you strength. All you have to do is pray to Him.

Prayer and love – True Love, my dear friends – requires total humility. Can you do that?

I know, in my heart, that all homosexuals desire to be free.

It is a new world, one in which the lie will not stand much longer. The tide is turning. Be not afraid! It’s a good change! Jesus will come. ☺ And, when that day happens, will you be – truly – yourself!? Or, will you be a demon, trapped in a fabrication not your own, lusting and hating and destroying your soul to hell? Consider this one last thing: all the love you may believe you feel for yourself or for someone else, while trapped in the homosexual mindset, is a grain of sand on the beach of the love that you could feel. Healing is possible. When you choose to go there, you know who to call on for help. His name is Jesus Christ.

Michael Glatze
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Originally posted by jay canseco
We live in a world where ignorance can be empowering. How sad.
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haha, this guy's essay made me laugh so hard.

If homosexual is a package and been fed to people, so does heterosexual.

Clearly, he still doesn't understand what sexuality is. However, if someone been mentally f**cked and enjoying it and ask for more, we can't really say much things about him, can we?

It's all about desire, pleasure and pain....Hmmm....Does this michael guy like BDSM, and submissive? What do you think?
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Originally posted by diamond

It’s not the acts, as much as it is the Identity. No one ever told you that, before, because they wanted to feed you with the lie that homosexuality is a set thing. Any intelligent “homosexual” knows there’s no fixed Gay Identity. If you don’t believe me, ask the theorists or “intellectuals.” ☺

Gay Identity has been packaged and fed to you, and – if you believe yourself to be “Gay” – you have eaten it, preventing you from further growth and understanding of your true and real self.

This is one big load of BS!!!

It's funny, Diamond and all the others have been saying IT IS the act!!!

Tell me... how many of you heterosexuals are straight due to the package you were sold?

Diamond, do you honestly think some magazine, TV show, etc could have changed your sexuality?

I mean, this is a joke, right?
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Michael Glatze Now LDS?
July 5, 2007
According to a blog report by Warren Throckmorton, Glatze confirmed in a private interview that he was baptized earlier this year into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
(Throckmorton is a Christian 'sexual reorientation therapist'.)

Some interesting reactions from the same site to Glatze's original "How A Gay Rights Leader Became Straight" article, and also to his "followup" piece which diamond just posted. (According to their mission statement, this is a site primarily aimed at LDSers "who experience homosexual attraction" and wish "to live in joy and harmony within their covenants, values, and beliefs as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints," i.e., remain celibate or marry someone of the opposite sex.) They don't sound too impressed by his claims.
yolland [at]

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So often in here "discussions" are like talking to a brick wall. That's why i don't say as much as I could.
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Since when did FYM become Stormfront? I have no fucking idea why this hateful nonsense thread is still open. Substitute "homosexual" here for "black" or "Jewish," and this thread would have been closed a long time ago.

I can come up with a million logical responses for this thread; yet since diamond's worldview is governed by self-centered illogic, much like the idiots in Stormfront, then all the arguments in the world won't make any difference and all of our derision can stroke his ego and make him feel like a "martyr for his faith."

This entire goddamn thread is an insult--a personal insult--and a mockery of psychology, science, reason, and--above all--religion. If we only close threads that devolve into racist or anti-Semitic slurs, then I'll be happy to fire a bunch off later.
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i was gonna ask you what stormfront was, but decided look it up for myself. i wish i hadn't, because that web site made me sick.

i'm sorry that this thread ignites the same reactions in you as that forum did to me. i certainly don't agree with the topic here either, and find it ridiculous. i didn't realize how personally offensive it can be to others.

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