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Originally posted by Klaus
The main difference is that it's on the news and you realize what terrorism is like.
I can still remember remember 6 terrorstrikes against the US in 84/85!
If you look at the Arab region it's full of terrorstrikes for decades.
I can even remember a terror strike (car bombing) by the (organized by CIA saudi Kurds, supported by British Inteligence) against a muslim mosque in 1985 (80 killed, 256 wounded - mostly Women and Children).
William Casey (CIA) did personally support this terror strike and said it's no terrorism because killing many people wasn't the main issue, it was just accepted (according to Bob Woodward).

Afik the U.S. Army manuals, define Terrorism by:
"the calculated use of violence or the threat of violence to attain goals that are political, religious or ideological in nature...through intimidation, coercion or instilling fear."

If we take that definition terrorism is political business since the French revolution, maybee even longer. Not only tolerated but sometimes even initiated by "our men".

So i'm affraid the people of 9/11 didn't die for nothing but because polticians have screwed it up for decades and the human mankind gets the flower of fire it raised. This combined with the failure of the US secret services at 9/11

yes, this is what i'm implying, with this statement you find me agree, you've hit the bull's eye, it's all a damn political question, but we knew it already. personally i would take george bush's italian dog, mr.berlusconi, in those places and throw him with his stupid face towards his decision to take part in this war with other lives. and this is right the problem i'm talking about, before 9-11 there wasn't any reason that would have pushed so much nations to unite together for doing a war, it was the first time that usa went really under attack in the history, usa was hit in its proud, in the heart of its economy, it was terrorism slapping its face in its home, and almost 3000 persons died blameless and innocent for someone elses fault, and it's not only terrorism. after 9-11 suddenly so many young people in my country, and in lots of other countries, were involved in this war, a few of my friends are there, and they're telling their families that they're seeing the hell! i'm living with the fear that i may jump in the air a day or the other, my city stood under menace, and i don't know if we're still a target....and the same feeling have many others around the world. that's how it changed, nothing is more the same, and all is worst than before

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Originally posted by zoney!

9/11 was an attack on civilians.....Pearl Harbor was an attack on military - and THERE is the difference.
Another huge difference is the sophistication of media coverage today vs. then. Most of us witnessed 9/11 happening live on TV.

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I have been working on the site of Ground Zero for about a year now. I see it every day. I cannot forget what happened there...

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