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Old 03-20-2004, 10:52 AM   #46
Jesus Online
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The whole "point" of the media is to educate us all on what is happening in the world (lets pretend for a moment it is not to make money and make waves), and to extract information whether in text or an image is not presenting the whole story and therefore, imo, not really worth the time in printing the story in the first place. I can understand that people would find this original image very upsetting because it is. But THIS is what happened. These kinds of events are horrific, and editing for a weaker stomach is lessening the magnitude in some way.

I remember after 9/11 the SMH (which is one of the physically larger Sydney papers -cant recall what these are called) posted a HUGE close-up colour picture of one of the towers prior to collapse but after the plane had hit, and standing on the floor above the gaping hole was the woman who I have had nightmares about ever since. The image was one of the worst I have ever seen, yet still nowhere near a good pictorial summary of the horrendousness of the event itself, I'd imagine. Knowing that she survived the impact and was minutes away from falling with the building as it was to soon collpase is a thought I will never be free of I dont think. If I had known before looking closely at this image, there would be something so upsetting in it, I wouldn't have examined it. Now despite my trouble with this, I still firmly belive the media needs to show us all what is going on. We can't be led to believe these things aren't as bad as they really are.

Sorry for rambling.

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The Fly
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The press in Israel avoids publishing images of body parts after terror attacks but they never altar them in any way. Body parts are not like someone saying f*** on the air. Just think of the families of the people who died in the attacks. What will it do to them? It may always be burnt in their heads. They will always connect those images to what has happened to their loved ones.

One can understand that a bomb exploding does horrible damages, a picture with body parts in it is not needed for that kind of understanding.

But on the other hand, the newspapers here don’t “doctor” the photos. They don’t publish them at all, or just blur the really disturbing parts.

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Old 03-22-2004, 04:27 PM   #48
War Child
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I am not that upset by it, I reckon photos get cropped all the time and we never know the difference.

However, I agree with Dreadsox on the precedent thing. Once you begin, where do you stop?

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