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It isn't a child, it is a potential child.

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Originally posted by A_Wanderer
Thats fine, but there will always be that minority that doesn't use protection or where it fails for whatever reason.
Thats fine, too, but heres what I say:

1.)minority that does not use it: USE IT! Its better than getting pregnant, abortion, or STDs. Undertake a national advertising campaign, public health announcements and all about contraception. Conservative nutjobs be damned, this will work in getting the message across to people, their moralizing should not be factored in here as this is not promoting promiscuity, it is dealing with reality.

2.)It fails: condoms, when used effectively, work 99.99% of the time, almost fail proof. Teach people how to use it- parents and sex ed. Plus, there is emergency contraception as a back up.

I honestly see abortion becoming more and more unnecessary without it becoming illegal, something that is reflected in the statistics of the last 15 years.

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I don't know where 'conservatives don't want their kids' thing came from, i was actually saying that the ultra conservatives who go on and on about killing children and the whole 'gods creation' stuff, are the ones who are screwing up a lot of their kids with mumbo jumbo.

What i was trying to say but obviously failing, is that the world is not a really nice place sometimes, and to take away a procedure that is a part of stupid mistakes and accidents that may then in turn cause more horribleness is not lookng at the big picture.

Also the 'white babies' thing was a joke, i thought it might of been obviously. sorry.

Basically people make mistakes, people get drunk and think 'it won't happen to me' people sometimes are sick when they're on the pill and don't realise it and so on, so for OTHER PEOPLE to say 'nup sorry, you had sex with some random stranger for a bit of fun, and now you're pregnant you HAVE to keep it for the next 60 years because there is no other option - oh, well there is adoption, but then they'll come looking for you in 18 years and you'll have to deal with all that, just because one night you went out with your girlfriends for a few drinks and like any adult has the right to do, you decided to have a bit of fun and have sex with someone you GASP might not know and for some reason accidently got pregnant, but curse you cause you did it, now you're stuck with it' etc

i don't not see anywhere that what i've said is offensive?
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love, blood, life
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I don't see how offensiveness invalidates the argument, the point stands to support abortion on demand - it isn't as though supporting abortion rights (which are the reproductive rights of a human woman over a potential human) are the ones opposing sex-ed and contraception.

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