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"Lawyer: Teen Shot by Police Is Brain Dead"


What's really sad is that this kid was troubled, people picked on him, and he couldn't handle it, so he had to do this. Myself being a victim of constant bullying and a good amount loneliness, I feel bad for this kid. But what can be done?

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I feel for the kid too.Hang out here Infinitum98 and talk it out(type).Take care

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I guess one thing that could be done is that parents could teach their kids not to bully other kids, and schools could reinforce that.

This boy clearly needed some help, I wonder if his parents ever tried to get him some professional help.
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Originally posted by To-Ho
I feel for the kid too.Hang out here Infinitum98 and talk it out(type).Take care
Thanks for the kind words to-ho. Fortunately, my situation is not as bad as these other kids. I do have very few friends. Back in the day I was bullied quite a lot, but now i'm a freshman in college and everything is relatively better.
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I feel bad for the kid, too. But I also feel bad for the police officer who shot him and now has to live with that. It really bothers me to see the headlines now about the family's attorney saying that police were told 'the gun wasn't real'. The boy is still alive and you can already see the lawsuit wheels starting to spin. First of all, the gun WAS real. Yes, it was a pellet gun, but it wasn't just an unworking plastic toy, which the term 'not real' would imply. Secondly, it's not as though police shot him immediately just because they saw a gun in his hand. They pleaded with him to put down the weapon, but he refused. Instead he said that he was going to kill himself or 'die somehow'. It was only after he pointed the weapon directly at a police officer that he was shot.

Now, the family is stating that the boy's father came to the school and told them that the gun wasn't real. Well, even if that is true, how could the police be sure the father was right? Or that he wasn't just lying to save his son? Now, you also have another student claiming that he knew the gun wasn't real because he tried to grab the gun from the other kid and it started to come apart like a toy. Pellet guns are not toys and they do not just 'come apart'. Do I think this kid is lying? Maybe, or at least exaggerating to make himself look like more of a hero.

There may have been people who made this kid's life miserable which brought about this tragedy, but to start blaming the police for what happened to him is just despicable.
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[q] Family, Friends Mourn Teen Shot by Police

By TRAVIS REED, Associated Press Writer2 hours, 41 minutes ago

Family and friends gathered at a private candlelight vigil Sunday to mourn a 15-year-old they knew as a troubled but friendly boy who was shot during a confrontation with police at his middle school.

Christopher Penley was pronounced dead early Sunday, according to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office Web site, two days after a deputy gunned him down as the boy brandished a pellet gun that closely resembled a 9mm handgun.

The boy had been described as clinically brain dead Saturday, and was kept alive so his organs could be harvested, said Mark Nation, a lawyer for Penley's parents.

On Friday, he was in a Milwee Middle School classroom with the pellet gun when another boy scuffled with him for control of the weapon. Christopher was later cornered by sheriff's deputies and a SWAT team in a bathroom, authorities said.

Seminole County Sheriff Don Eslinger said the boy was suicidal and couldn't be talked into surrendering the weapon. The teenager was shot after he raised the gun at a deputy, Eslinger said.

The sheriff said it wasn't until after the incident that authorities realized the weapon was only a pellet gun.

No one else at the 1,100-student school in suburban Orlando was injured.

The media was barred from the memorial service near Penley's neighborhood, which was reeling from the shooting. Family and friends say the boy was emotionally troubled, reportedly bullied at school and had run away from home several times.

Mourners emerged from the church carrying candles, sobbing and hugging each other.

"There were a lot of songs, praying, the minister spoke a few times — trying to comfort the family that he's in a better place," said Heather Sinclair, who mentored Penley in elementary school in Winter Springs.

Pastor Robbie Hall said he addressed the roughly 135 people in the church with a message of peace.

Outside, 18-year-old Steven Lewis, who had known Christopher for five years, said the teen "got along with everyone."

"Everyone was his best friend," Lewis said. "He's still with me in my heart."

Funeral arrangements were pending.

"It's just unbelievable to me that he's gone," said Bucky Hurt, a family friend who had been with the boy's father, Ralph Penley, at the hospital. "It's very, very devastating. Good kid too — it's a tragedy."


It is a very sad story. I feel sorry for all involved in this.

Looking at this photo, I cannot tell that it was a simple pellet gun versus an actual weapon.

[q]Special Agent Danny Banks, with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, holds a pellet gun used by a 15-year-old student to threaten classmates and hold sheriff's deputies at bay at Milwee Middle School in Seminole County, Fla., Friday, Jan. 13, 2006. Members of a SWAT team from the Seminole County Sheriff's Office shot and wounded the student, who brandished the weapon that appeared to be a 9mm handgun, but was actually a pellet pistol modified to look like an actual firearm. (AP Photo/Brian Myrick)[/q]
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I agree, MVD. A tragedy for everyone involved.
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So very sad....Maybe there is a lesson for all involved
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Originally posted by LadyRhia
Maybe there is a lesson for all involved
Yeah - don't point guns at police officers.
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This is indeed a very sad situation, and I am sure the police officer who shot the boy is feeling really bad, but was doing his job. Unfortunately this is a violent and tragic end to a troubled youth who wasn't receiving the appropriate attention or treatment he needed. Let this be a very strong message that no one gets away with pointing anything that looks even remotely like a weapon of any kind as a joke, coherently or not of sound mind, for you WILL suffer the consequences of your actions. I hope the friends of this boy and his family, the students & faculty at the school as well as the community can heal quickly from this tragedy.

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