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Old 03-07-2005, 06:54 PM   #76
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Again, Angela, I intended no petulance, and I am puzzled as to where you see it.


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Bama, Bama, Bama. Allow me to apologise then
When you said you must have been mistaken and thought that people would be interested in discussing Stevens as a comparison, you then paraphrased me, but what I had originally replied to was the idea that one man choosing Christianity could be seen as different to another picking Islam. That is where I dont see how or why someone could give a rat's arse. Phrasing which is now sounding a little harsh and ridiculous from repeated use lol. My first reply wasn't actually too far from what you were asking though, is Stevens' conversion much different artistically and culturally from Head's? And I do think not. Keep in mind though, I am neither a Cat Stevens fan or a Korn fan really and have no deep ties to any organised religion so perhaps my opinion is moot.
What do you think about the difference, Mr Alabama?

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Brian Welch's Official Site:
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Downloaded his testimony, pretty interesting.
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Old 03-18-2005, 05:22 PM   #80
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Ex-Korn guitarist calls new song a 'letter to 50 from God.'
Brian "Head" Welch
Photo: MTV News
Since he left Korn last month to focus on Christianity, Brian "Head" Welch has delivered a sermon from the pulpit, traveled to Israel and been baptized in the Jordan River. Now he's turning his attention to saving souls — and he's decided to start with 50 Cent.

"There is really no way [50] can come back at me through music because it's not from me ... it's from the Big Guy. Even 50 respects the Big Guy." — Head

On Friday, Welch e-mailed MTV News detailing his trip to Israel (see "Claiming 'God Told Me' Brian 'Head" Welch Is Baptized In Israel"), where he began working on solo material to be released under the moniker Head. One of the songs he discussed in detail was — as he described it — "a personal letter to 50 from God," which he may or may not release, depending on 50's reaction to it.

"The Big Guy speaks through me a lot when I write, and I have a song for 50 Cent I wrote in the Holy Land. I feel like it's a personal letter to 50 from God, so I'm going to give it to him personally and see what his reaction is," Welch wrote. "If it's a positive reaction and he's willing to talk to me, then I'm not gonna release it, but if the reaction is not positive, I'm going to share it with the world."

Welch said he doesn't fear retribution from 50; rather, he feels protected by the fact that he's merely acting as an emissary between God and the former Curtis Jackson.

"It's not a mean song, but it is like a loving father disciplining his son and telling him how it is — kind of like Tré's dad in the movie 'Boyz N the Hood,' " Welch continued. "There is really no way he can come back at me through music because it's not from me ... it's from the Big Guy. Even 50 respects the Big Guy."

50 Cent's spokesperson at Interscope Records had no comment on the songs.

One guy Welch might have a little beef with is his former bandmate, Jonathan Davis. Last weekend, Davis posted a statement on his blog, criticizing Welch for his "false crusade." In another e-mail, Welch responded to Davis, saying he still loves his Korn brethren, but that he was beginning to bristle at those who doubt the sincerity of his transformation.

"Sorry Jonathan, my 'false crusade' was not the reason I left Korn, it was what saved my life," Welch wrote. "I still love those guys to death, but if anybody trashes God, I am human and will defend Him and myself by any means necessary."

Welch's solo CD is close to being completed, and he adds that he's just finished one instrumental track called "A Letter to Dimebag," which he wrote in tribute to the late guitar legend.

"It's a guitar-solo instrumental," he explained. "I wrote it for Dimebag because he always used to tell Munky and I to put guitar solos in Korn's music."

At press time, there was no release date for Welch's solo album, nor had he signed on with a label to distribute the record.
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Old 03-18-2005, 08:54 PM   #81
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hmmm... I would think that if God can talk directly to Brian Welch he can talk directly to 50 Cent. And I would think a little chat from God would be a whole lot more impressive to 50 Cent also.

I think if his new found belief is working for him that's great, but I think he's getting a bit big for his britches.
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It would be interesting to know what Welch means by "positive feedback." Does he implicitly mean that it is impossible for a person to lead a "positive" life, or do "positive" works, without specifically being born again? Beucase if he starts off with a "if you're not an evangelical you are doomed to hell, no matter what you do" then he is in trouble, and it would also speak volumes to me about what kind of church he was baptized in. However, if he takes the right approach that a person is led to God gently and that salvation is a slow process, if he believes that 50 Cent would be a "positive" force with merely a changed life and not YET a baptism, then it's a good sign. He would do well to remember that HE requested help, and nobody browbeat or forced HIM to accept the Lord.

I have been through this, I'm born again and I know what mental state he is in. He has been through the River and burned with fire. He is now full of righteous zeal. However, I wish I could have him read my first long post on this thread. This is the most dangerous state of mind for a new Chrtistian, the most vulnerable time, and many preachers and churches use these vulnerable times to "imprint" upon the subject's blank slate, if you will, thier own agenda, rendering it in easy Biblical terms. I suspect this is what happened with Mel Gibson. And maybe, too, Duyba but it must be remembered what he already was, before he invited Christ into his life.

IF he did, or if he is playing politcs with Christ as well. Well, Christ is the only Person whom Duyba can't fool, or bribe, or keep ignorant. HE sees all, and I hope Dubya comes to realize that.

I hate to say it, but righteous zeal is not a good place to start. Prayer and reflection, a period of isolation, so that you can work out your own relationship with God, is best. You should notmake any public statements or even DO much of anything, for a good 2 months after your baptism. Prayer and reflection, to repeat, are best. This is what U2 did after their conversion. They settled down on the beach of Dalkey for a while, where they did nothing but pray together and study. It seems, however, that Head has good intentions but his committing the sadly common habit of some new Christians by doing the equivalalent of haivng no medical traning or ever seeing a horse, yet going into the stable and trying to deliver the mare with the difficult labor, plunging in with both arms up to the elbow. In doing so, he is exposing himself to Satan in a big way.

Personally, I'd like to kick this pastor's A$#. He is setting his catachemen up for a BIIIG backslide. Overall, I can see where this is heading, and it does not look good. A person must "grow" inmto the PAth, and Welch is not ready for the things he is now doing. You must be aware of your weknesses as well as your strengths, and realize that you are the speaker, and not Him. I accepted mt vulnerablikties from the first, and relized they were MINE< and thus mai=king peacw with myself, I am the Christian I am today.
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get 50 converted?

i guess i'm happy for the guy, but i think he's losing his mind.

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