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Old 10-26-2004, 08:44 AM   #46
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Kerry will not probably not put up any wall because the Jewish vote matters too much, but he may become tempted to let that US veto lapse when the next anti-Israel resolution comes around the table because he know that it will win him friends.

It works like this, Arafat goes off to Camp David and enjoys some clean linen talking about how he longs for peace, the Israelis offer him Gaza and most of the W-Bank as well as a capital in Jerusalem and then while they are playing nice a bomber walks into a cafe and blows up 50 Israeli civilians both Arab and Jew, the PA denounces the attack but makes no move against the terrorists, the Israelis have to clean up the mess that the PA refuses to and the cycle continues.

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ok...if we are talking let's say we do get arafat to agree to a peace treaty. and let's say that this stops any terrorism that he directly condones. therefore, the only problem are rogue terrorists that we don't think arafat will punish. won't this go along with the united states global war on terror? both democrats and republicans agree that terrorism should be fought and defeated everywhere. couldn't the united states go in (as it did with afghanistan) and maybe with the help of some UN nations find that terrorists who bombed the cafe in israel and bring him to justice?

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love, blood, life
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We tried that already it was called the Oslo accords and they are a dismal failure - the man has been given 30 years at the negotiating table and all that he gave was bloodshed.

You fail to understand that a significant portion of the countries in the UN would never agree to go after Islamist terrorists because they simply believe that their cause is righteous. You are under the impression that the UN is a tried and proven organization in this area and Bush just doesn't give it a chance, I think that you are just plain wrong on that front.

The Mossad get the job done a lot more than any UN nations anyway. The terrorists hide behind civilians, they are indistinguishable - this allows them to operate freely. Ever wonder why it seems so many Palestinian civilians get killed in any millitary operation in the disputed territories?
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I love when canidates get blamed with hypotheticals...

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