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Originally posted by Dreadsox
There are NUMEROUS examples of him riding the fence.
I don't see what's wrong with politicians riding the fence once in a while. I ride the fence all the time, life's too complicated to always have a clear cut opinion on everything. There's nothing wrong with having doubts now and then. To me this shows that Kerry is just as human as everybody else, unlike the other guy who sometimes seems to be stuck in his black and white ideologies.

Unless of course, people are riding the fence because they don't want to put off potential voters. once you've established an opinion, you should have bring it out in the open.

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Wow...this sure got heated...

I'm just going to give a to DrTeeth, olive, and U2luv's posts.


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I'm really glad this thread stayed on course. I'd hate for it to get derailed like most of the others here in FYM.
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Originally posted by BluberryPoptart
Olive- banning late term abortion is the best thing Bush has done since he's been in office, and it's the one reason I'd like to see him stay in. It's nothing but brutal, hideous murder. A well formed baby is pulled out by the head, they cut its spinal chord, suck out its brain, and crush its skull. You call that a fucking 'choice' if you like, I see murder. The baby CAN feel pain at that age. It's sick! I have to agree with what LLABM said on this once, I can't see that one life is more valuable than the other. If a baby must be violently destroyed to save someone else's life, that doesn't make it right. There has to be a better way.

u2luv, that's what I'm trying to say about LEGAL and ILLEGAL- both are KILLING, yet one is bad and one is a 'choice?" I say, no, they're both killing or they're both choices. A lot of 'choices' have been taken from us by laws, and I believe abortion (with a few exceptions) should be too. The idea of leaving a 'choice' up to a person's individual conscience is ridiculous! Some things are bad, and should be stopped for everybody- among them murder, robbing a store, and abortion.

There really have been some people who believed stealing or hurting someone was not wrong to them in their own personal opinion. So you HAVE to have laws. We also need laws to protect the unborn from those who have no conscience for their lives.
You know what BP? If you're actually interested in debate, it might be nice to sit down and actually listen to the other side and tone it down a bit? Right now it seems like you're not even listening to the FACTS.

Did you skip the part where medical professionals believe that in extreme cases late-term abortions are the best way to secure the health and life of the mother? Oh wait, you're saying you'd rather both of them die? So tell me, if not performing an abortion to save a mother's life results in the death of that mother, is that murder too? Because that's what Bush's law does - it prevents doctors from taking the best (unfortunate as it may be) step in some cases to save a mother's life.

It's not a question of whether it's right in your eyes, it's a question of survival for the mom. I'm sure it's not an everyday thing, but what Bush has done is outlawed what may be in some cases the only way to save a mother's life. So are you saying that you'd rather a few mothers and babies die then let a mother be saved at the expense of the child, so that perhaps later on she can have another child? Where do you draw the line on murder? Only when a child is killed? Or when you bar doctors from saving a woman's life?

There is no pure black and white.

And once again I'd like to thank you for keeping this thread to kerry supporters. It's nice to know you started it stating as much and then hypocritically broke that statement. Good on you.
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Maybe this thread should be closed, since it has long since strayed off the original topic.
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Yeah, maybe it should be...

and you hunger for the time
time to heal, desire, time

Join Amnesty.
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