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Keith Olbermann 10-23-06 Special Comment

Keith elaborates on the Republican scare


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Special comments or bombastic drivel? I thought his Oct 18 "special comment" much more enlightening.
Olbermann: "One of the terrorists believed to have planned the 9/11 attacks said he hoped the attacks would be the beginning of the end of America. That terrorist, sir, could only hope. Not his actions nor the actions of a ceaseless line of terrorists, real or imagined, could measure up to what you have wrought...These things you have done, Mr. Bush, they would constitute the beginning of the end of America."
Olbermann quoting Bush: "With the distance of history, the questions will be narrowed and few. Did this generation of Americans take the threat seriously? And did we do what it takes to defeat that threat?"
Wise words and ironic ones, Mr. Bush -- your own, of course, yesterday in signing the Military Commissions Act. You spoke so much more than you know, sir. Sadly, of course, the distance of history will recognize that the threat this generation of Americans needed to take seriously was YOU.
Keith, sir, you're flat wrong. Sir.

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The Olbersaurus:

adam's apple - from the Olbermann misogynism quiver, used on women to attack their appearance; example: Ann Coulter.

airhead - from the Olbermann misogynism collection, an attractive woman who may actually be dumber than Olbermann; example: Paris Hilton.

big giant head - barb used against competitors with big giant ratings; example: Bill O'Reilly

boob - someone who disagrees with OlbySpin; example: Rush Limbaugh

brainless - used for those who don't think in OlbyLogic; example: John Stossel

bozo - insult line for conservative writers; example: Brent Bozell
corruption - words used to describe the actions of conservatives, and conservatives alone

clown - see "bozo"

creepy - favored slur for successful persons; example: Donald Trump

deranged - abuse line for someone who may of, at one time, voted Republican

deteriorating - becoming more conservative; example: John Gibson

dirty campaign ads - ads run by either Republican candidates, or conservative organizations, during election years. NOTE: This CANNOT refer to any democratic ad, under any circumstance.

discredited - all purpose attack line, useful when there is no specific justification; example: "discredited columnist Robert Novak"

divisive - not in agreement with OlbySpin; example: "Mister Bush's rhetoric was divisive..."

dumbass - variant of dumb; example: "case closed, dumbass"

evil - often applied to Fox employees; example: Bill O'Reilly

expert - word used to describe someone who parrots anything coming from the host's mouth; example: Jonathan Turley

fathead - characterization of competitors; examples: John Gibson, Bill O'Reilly

fool - all-purpose gibe for conservatives; example: Michelle Malkin

Great Thanks - valediction given to anyone who agrees and supports all words spoken by host of show; example: 99% of all guests.

here Kitty, Kitty - phrase used by Olby to insult and "call out" his enemies

idiot - people whose opinions differ from Olbermann's; examples: Dick Cheney, Bill O'Reilly,

insane - used for conservatives; examples: Ann Coulter, Leslie Sanchez, Michael Savage

infamous, deplorable - all purpose attack-line; example: "the infamous, deplorable Matt Drudge"

jackass - term of nonendearment for competitors; example: Geraldo Rivera

kill yourself - used to conclude emails; example: "Save the oxygen for somebody whose brain can use it. Kill yourself."

lackey - one who works for a living; example: NY Daily News employee Katherine Thompson

left wing - (no known evidence of this phrase)

liar - knock for one who does not speak in Democrat talking points; example: "Mister" Bush

liberal - See left wing

Limpbaugh - personal attack line for persons using Viagra (but not Cialis, for obvious reasons)

mister - obsessively used to demean and/or suggest illegitimacy of incumbent Republican Presidents; example: "Mister" Bush

moron - slam for people Olbermann dislikes or envies; examples: Michael Savage, Bill O'Reilly

nitwit - general use attack line on conservatives; example: Michelle Malkin

nutjob - jibe used to criticize conservatives, especially when using doctored or fake quotes to make a case; example: Rush Limbaugh

pig - all purpose attack line; example: Bill O'Reilly

poop - scatalogical insult; example: Bill O'Reilly

purported - adjective used to describe the war of terror in all examples.

psychotic - retort to emailers; example: "if you really are that psychotic..."

racist - personal smear for use against conservatives; example: Neal Boortz

remarkable - word used to describe books coming entirely and solely from the left side of the aisle; example: John Dean's "Conservatives without conscience", Tom Ricks's "Fiasco"

Republican Pundit - see "Lock Ness Monster", or "Bigfoot", While being discussed at length repeatedly, there is no known verification of their existence, outside of the nightly reference in Media Matters minute.

sick - smear for non-liberals; example: Bill O'Reilly

sir - used with the intention to belittle or disparage in the hopes undercutting ones rank or office; example: You, sir, lied.

Slappy - insulting nickname with racial connotations, derived from name of black comic Slappy White; examples: emailers, Bill O'Reilly

sleazy - not in agreement with OlbySpin; example: "Mister" Bush

slovenly political hack - see "deranged"

special comment - a postcard from the edge of rationality.

stupid - another all-purpose slam; example: John Gibson

tart - from the Olbermann misogynism collection, used to describe female entertainers; example: Britney Spears

Ted Baxter - moniker applied (without irony) to people deemed insufficiently deferential; example: Bill O'Reilly

thanks for your time - generally made to a guest who disagreed with KO's talking points on a particular topic, usually cutting short a segment. Rarely heard.

toxic - slam for outspoken conservatives; example: Rush Limbaugh

voting irregularities - phrase used to describe or explain away democratic defeats in elections. NOTE: Must ALWAYS and ONLY be used in reference to states carried by Republican candidates.

weird - attack line favored for use against more successful competitors; example: Fox News

zombie - one who does not watch Countdown; example: Fox News viewers
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11/1-about the Kerry thing

And Mr. Bush owes us an apology for this destructive and omnivorous presidency.

We will not receive them, of course.

This president never apologizes.
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"And also here, we have institutionalized the terrorizing of the opposition. True domestic terror. Critics of your administration in the media, sir, receive letters filled with fake Anthrax. Braying newspapers, sir, applaud or laugh and reveal details the FBI asked to have kept quiet, and thus impede or ruin the investigation. A series of reactionary columnists, sir, encourage treason charges against a newspaper that published supposed 'national security information' that was openly available on the Internet. One radio critic receives a letter threatening the revelation of as much personal information about her as can be obtained and expressing the hope that someone will then shoot her with an AK-47 machine gun. And finally, a critic of the incumbent Republican Senator, a critic armed with nothing but words, is attacked by the Senator's supporters and thrown to the floor in full view of television cameras as if someone really did want to re-enact the intent, and the rage, of the day Preston Brooks found Senator Charles Sumner.

"Of course, Mr. President, you did none of these things. You instructed no one to mail the fake Anthrax, nor undermine the FBI's case, nor call for the execution of the editors of the New York Times, nor threaten to assassinate Stephanie Miller, nor beat up a man yelling at Senator George Allen, nor have the First Lady knife Michael J. Fox, nor tell John McCain to lie about John Kerry. No, you did not, sir. And the genius of the thing is the same as in King Henry's rhetorical question about Archbishop Thomas Becket: 'Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?' All you have to do, sir, is hand out enough new canes. I'm Keith Olbermann. Good night and good luck."
And said with a straight face no less.
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I find myself wondering what Olbermann's program will be about if and when a Democrat is elected president. My guess is that it will be about "Cancellation." What would the show be about, if not for Republican bashing?

I've seen most of his special comments. They seem to be more about Keith trying to prove to the world and himself that he is more than a smart-ass sportscaster. I liked him better on ESPN.
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Originally posted by Bluer White
I find myself wondering what Olbermann's program will be about if and when a Democrat is elected president. My guess is that it will be about "Cancellation." What would the show be about, if not for Republican bashing?

Rush, O'Reiley, and Coulter have jobs right now don't they? And they are much worse.
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I like Olbermann and tend to agree with the things he's talking about, but I think he's gotten too pleased with the sound of his own voice with some of these speeches. They were exciting at first, and seemed more heartfelt to me. Now, it feels a little forced.

Maybe it's just me. Or maybe it's the "good night and good luck." A few invigorating speeches does not a Murrow make.

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