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you are what you is
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Originally posted by TylerDurden:
Fuck, alot of people here can't read.
I think a lot of people here only read their own posts + some things they want to see

Shake it, shake it, shake it

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You are a diseased cunt who should rot in hell for such mindless slander.

Hate speech aside, it isn't slander, and it isn't mindless.

I will remind you of your own words (emphasis mine):

In my mind, (Albright) is in the same league as Osama Bin Laden. She has the same total disregard for human life as he does and is willing to sacrifice anyone to achieve her goals. And she is not alone. Her attitude is shared by many in the U.S government.

3,000 deliberately targeted innocent people die in the U.S and it is worthy of launching a world-wide war.

500,000 deliberately targeted innocent people die in Iraq and it's an acceptable means of achiving foreign policy goals.

We curse the name of Osama Bin Laden when he does the very things that we dismiss as an everyday means of achiving our goals.


If you are a U.S taxpayer, (ethnic cleansing) is what you are paying for. And this is why people hate you.

You accuse the United States of killing civilians on a scale that dwarfs the acts of bin Ladin. You accuse the United States of funding and condoning Israel's so-called ethnic cleasning that you believe also dwarfs the death toll caused by Palestinian terrorists. Moreover, you suggest that the U.S. does this as a matter of course, as our modus operandi.

You not only suggest that the United States "has no moral high ground", you also indisputably imply that the United States is much, much worse than its enemies.

Now, let's look at Palestinian terrorism. Sure, you believe they should realize that "terrorism will get them nowhere", but you don't outright condemn the terrorism. Rather, you ignore the existence of the attitude held by many Palestinians and other Arabs that Israel should be driven into the sea - and you claim that "the ratio of Palestinian deaths to Israeli is something like 5 - 10x greater."

You seem to be excusing the behavior of the Palestinian terrorists, and it seems that outright justification of that behavior isn't far off.

The only alternative to justifying their behavior is condemning it. Between the two, your post is much, much closer to justifying Palestinian terrorism.

Likewise, I could look at your post and infer that you think that America is the evil oppressor (or, as others say, "Great Satan") that engages in genocide on a regular basis - but that 9/11 was still an act that is impossible to justify.

I could infer that, but I don't see anything that actually suggests that. It seems far easier to read your entire post and come to the conclusion that you think America got what it had coming to it.

It cannot be directly inferred, truly. But, for that reason, I said that "I get the sense that Gonzo feels the U.S. got what it deserved."

But I still get that sense, and it isn't mindless slander...

...unlike calling someone a "diseased cunt who should rot in hell."

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