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Old 11-21-2005, 10:42 PM   #1
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JFK assasination - 42nd anniversary

One of my earliest memories is the day JFK was shot - I was three years old (as was Bono) and I remember it vividly. My mother was walking me to the corner drug store and we came across a large group of men and women - there was a paperboy selling newspapers ("extra" "extra") - the strange thing, and the thing that has stuck with me all my life - they were all crying, the men and the women...and here's the clincher...this was in Winnipeg, CANADA!!!!
That was what a major event the assasination of John F. Kennedy was. This was much more than the murder of one individual - like 911 there are so many unanswered questions. It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald was NOT a "lone gunman", that there was a "policeman" and a "railway worker" spotted by several eyewitnesses lurking in the grassy knoll, that Jack Ruby "despised the Kennedy's" yet shot the guy who shot the guy he hated(makes absolutely no sense) - not to mention the dozens of other suspicious circumstances that are not conjecture but FACT. In conclusion it is not hard to at least be suspicious that some of the very same individuals responsible for the death of JFK were in some way involved in 911. Has there been some "masterplan" in effect since 1963???
1963 - JFK killed, Johnson assumes command, Vietnam begins to escalate
1968 - Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy assaainated (both under suspicious circumstances)
1968 - Nixon elected, Vietnam out of control
1972 - Nixon re-elected, Vietnam out of control
1973 - Watergate begins (Nixon was supposed to ride out his term but then this happens)
1974 Nixon resigns, Ford becomes President
1976 Carter runs and wins (if it wasn't for Watergate this probably would not have happened)
1978 - The Iran hostage crisis begins
1980 - John Lennon killed
1980 - Ronald Wilson Regan wins the Presidency
1980 - Former CIA director George HW Bush meets with Iranian officials and secures the release of the hostages (Arms for Hostages) - sets the date for the EXACT second that Ronald Regan is inaugerated.
1981 - Attempted assasination of Ronald Regan - by John Hinkley, son of George and Barbara Bush's good friends The Hinkley's!!!
1988 - George HW Bush elected President
1991 - Gulf war
1992 - Here's where it gets interesting...Bush was supposed to win a second term but because of Ross Perot (Perot, as an independent candidate won 19 million votes, the majority taken from potential Bush supporters) Bill Clinton wins instead.
1990's - The Republican elite try everything in thier power short of assasination to get rid of Bill Clinton - one has to wonder why they never had him killed???
2000 - George W. Bush is given the election by the US Supreme Court - run by a majority of George HW's friends
2001 - 911 happens - too visually spectacular to be the work of just less than 20 arab men. Too many questions. Too many suspicious circumstances.
2001 - Patriot act
2001 - 18 of the worlds top microbiologists die in mysterious circumstances
2002 - Patriot act
2002 - "SARS" scare begins
2003 Iraq war
2004 George W Bush "wins" the election again despite all odds
2005 Talk of worldwide "Asian Bird Flu Pandemic" becomes daily news on all media. You've got to wonder...really.
Note: Sorry for the lack of details but I was just going on a bit of a rant about a pattern I've seen for decades. There is much more to this than what I wrote, much more. Do the research yourself. Don't beleive me or disbeleive me until you've checked out any subject for yourself. Sorry for the long rant - I get like this sometimes.

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I really like some of the (counter)logical contortions involved.

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Old 11-21-2005, 11:11 PM   #3
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My earliest political memory is seeing poor Gerry Ford (not that I really understood who he was) tumble arse-over-tit down the steps of that airplane on national television. Didn't exactly lay the best foundation for a reverential regard for politics as a high calling...
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Old 11-21-2005, 11:58 PM   #4
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The problem is that people build up elaborate theories of disconnected strings without evidence. If there is some sort of secret cabal with a "master-plan" what evidence is there for their existence, do people start taking the absence of evidence as proof of existence.

Once you start taking "facts" without evidence or ones that have been subsequently contradicted and building a case on the basis of speculation you enter dangerous territory where the normal rules of logic no longer apply.

The concept of an all powerful cabal that runs/influences the world by making all the bad things happen is not falsifiable. If there is evidence that Oswald is not a simple lone nut then it supports this "theory", if the evidence says that he did it then he was framed or was working for them and was silenced.

Skepticism is not about taking the official story hook-line-sinker. It is about questioning the evidence that supports them and looking at the most probable and likely explaination. It also is not mutually exclusive; just because there were elements of the initial investigation that was defficient does not by definition infer nefarious intent of a conspiratorial nature.

Tying independent events such as SARS, Iran Contra and John Lennons assassination into this web only decreases its plausibility. Now it may well be possible (in that anything within the laws of physics is possible) that Kennedy was killed over the policy towards Vietnam (the NSAMs that are touted 263? are used to support this contention), but without enough evidence that is only speculation. And the numerous dead ends that are pulled up, the umbrella man, the well manicured bums, the signal cop. In searching for the tenuous evidence that exonorates Oswald people can overlook the evidence that points to him, and when presented with that evidence they may show cognitive dissonance and just reject the evidence as fabrication that only supports their contention.

For the record I was a fan of conspiracy theories and read a lot of stuff about it since I was 11/12 and still keep an eye on the various conspiracy theories buzzing around the net, I am interested to hear what about 9/11 you find unanswered, I have seen a lot of sites that put up the theory of internal detonation citing the collapse of tower 7 as an example. I sugest that you take the time and read through the popular mechanics article that meticulously debunks these claims. Taking the time to look into the claims of conspiracy theories and finding independent sources to test there veracity is the only way to make sure that you are not taken advantage of.

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My favorite yearl thread...Will be back later.
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Originally posted by yolland
My earliest political memory is seeing poor Gerry Ford (not that I really understood who he was) tumble arse-over-tit down the steps of that airplane on national television. Didn't exactly lay the best foundation for a reverential regard for politics as a high calling...
Mine was the Iran-Contra hearings being broadcast on every goddamn TV station and me hating every minute of it.

Indeed, not exactly the best foundation...heh.

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Re: JFK assasination - 42nd anniversary

Originally posted by Harry Vest
Has there been some "masterplan" in effect since 1963???

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Someone once described to me the day Kennedy was shot as "the day the dream died". I always remembered that.
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I'm not sure if I am suppose to laugh or cry at that list...I think I shall laugh. Seriously, John Lennon's death a part of this conspiracy? Don't forget, ALdous Huxley and CS Lewis also died the same day as JFK-wonder what the Illuminati/Rothschild/freemason/GOP/Skulls/ cabal had to do with that?
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My dad, who is one of the staunchest Republicans you'll ever meet, firmly believes Kennedy was killed by someone other than Lee Harvey Oswald.

He took me to the Dallas museum--I have to say, they spent so much time explaining away the conspiracy that it made me more convinced there was. And why don't they let you stand where Oswald shot from...is it because, as my dad and my ex-Vietnam vet professor say, it's impossible to make the shot?
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Foxtel had a forensic type of show on once on his death. I got so caught up in the graphic recreation the makers created a computer programme to help build, that I've forgotten what they eventually decided. I believe it was that Oswald didn't do it. Or something along the lines of Oswald not being the fatal shooter as the bullet travelled at a tangent not in line with his position in the car and Oswald's viewpoint, etc etc etc. It was really interesting, despite me now having a foggy memory of it.
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we've all heard the joke about how if you add up all the conspiracy theories and book accounts over the years, there would have been 40 or 50 people on the grassy knoll. So I don't know.

I'm willing to bet it wasn't a 'lone nut' though.

According the Onion, the Warren Commission shot Kennedy.
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Until the day the American public does not force its secret service to make all the classified documents regarding JFKs death public, there is absolutely no sense in speculating about all that.

Its not exactly a big conspiracy when a computer program fixes who´s gonna be the next President. It is open manipulation. As long as the American public buys it..
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I always liked Oliver Stone's JFK.

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