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Originally posted by Klaus
I won't vote for Kerry
No, Kerry's not getting any votes from Germany.

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Well maybe he gets some votes from US soldiers who are in this town but... were right, since i'm no US citizen he won't get mine

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Old 09-05-2004, 09:53 PM   #18
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I am a Christian, and I caught some of the speeches, I didn't see a cross on the podium, but after seeing this pic, and reading this post, I kinda see it.

Guess I'm not used to "subtle" looking crosses.

The podium is in the shape of T, T for Texas! Honest, how many Christians (from any denomination), if polled, would say, when they saw the podium, they thought there was a cross on it, without it being brought to their attention. They probably wouldn't, because, well, the crosses we're used to, don't look like that shape, on the podium.

Like those Rorschak? tests, you see what you want to see.

That ^ is a cross, that shape on the podium is a bloody T for Texas.

Yes, they are right, that there is a cross shape on the podium, but that is not the kind of crosses Christians constitute and view as a Christian symbol. Think lower case (t's), not upper case (T's. )
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I saw it, I noticed it and, as a Catholic who is engaged to a Jew, I was offended. sorry, but my religion should not be used as a ploy to get more people to vote for you.

and you can't tell me that the Republicans never noticed that, that it was just coincidence. these are the same people who polled voters in SC with questions like "what would you think of John McCain if he had a black baby?" these are the same people that still haven't officially come out and condemned the Swift Boat ads, just subtlely sort of say "eh, I guess that's not right." hell, these are the same people that never directly said Saddam Huessin and Osama bin Laden were connected but made sure everyone believed it. Karl Rove is the devil -- I would put nothing past him.
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Really Sharky?

I think it's a coincidence, but since it's Bush, anything goes I suppose.

If it was Kerry's podium, I'm guessing very few would have noticed.

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